115 cases, defective masks replaced by Friday (SYNTHE

According to the latest assessment from the Regional Health Agency, 21 cases were declared between last night and today which brings to 115 the number of people with Covid-19 in the department. 18,000 defective masks will also be replaced within two days

Reunion Island has passed the milestone of 100 confirmed coronavirus cases. The Regional Health Agency indicates that 21 new positive tests were identified between yesterday 22:30 (94 cases) and 22:30 this Wednesday, March 25.

Patients allowed to go home

This evening, Martine Ladoucette, regional director of the ARS, also tells us that 3 children, including 2 aged under 16, tested positive for Covid-19 and hospitalized at the CHU Nord were able to return to their homes. They are subject to a strict fortnight.

coronavirus testimony proven case Laura young mother 28 years old 220320

Laura, a 28-year-old young mother who regularly testifies of her state of health on Réunion La 1ère, announces that she will be able to go home tomorrow. His health, which had relapsed on Monday, improved, allowing him to find his 10 month old baby.

The full intervention of Martine Ladoucette, regional director of ARS, in the 7 p.m. newspaper (see) here:

COVID-19: Martine Ladoucette, director general of the Regional Health Agency, guest of the JT from 7 p.m.

ARS suspends distribution of defective masks

The director of ARS also announced this Wednesday evening on Réunion La 1ère. Its agents asked pharmacies to no longer distribute FFP2 masks from the regional and strategic stock which present anomalies. As of Tuesday morning, nurses and doctors had taken photos and videos to support mold stains on these protections. Martine Ladoucette says these defective masks can now be thrown away "in the usual household waste circuit".

"50% of these masks will be replaced within the next two days. Each missing unit of FFP2 will be compensated at the time of the new distribution by a unit of surgical mask, so that each professional receives their entire endowment for two weeks of use "

In total, 18,000 masks will therefore be replaced within two days in the department. Doctors and nurses are eager to discover the new lots.

Yesterday, the Regional Health Agency and the Prefecture announced the transition to stage 2 of the management of the coronavirus epidemic in the department. A phase which results in the reinforcement of the follow-up of contact persons during the 14 days of surveillance but especially the reinforcement of the screening strategy with the assistance of two private laboratories in addition to the tests already carried out at the CHU Nord.

Now in Reunion, situations deserving of a screening test, beyond national guidelines concern:

  • All symptomatic travelers, with the reinforcement of the hospital reception measures at the airport
  • All active caregivers reporting symptoms
  • All caregivers subject to confinement for 14 days, from their trip outside the department, on the 5th day after their return
  • Contact subjects of confirmed cases, when symptomatic
  • Patients of treating physicians, on prescription of the latter, according to indications being defined
  • All patients entering hospital who have traveled in the previous 15 days, and all new entrants to nursing homes before admission

Containment is still in effect on the island. Only justified trips can be made, under penalty of a fine.

Reminder of barrier gestures

Wearing a mask when you are not sick or caring is not a recommended way to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Indeed, faced with Coronavirus, simple and effective gestures must be systematically practiced:

• Wash your hands very regularly
• Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief
• Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing
• Use and dispose of single-use tissues
• Avoid gatherings and limit your social life as much as possible