Create an online survey in the Big Data era. 2

Create an online survey in the Big Data era.

Drag & # 39; n Survey is the new easy-to-use online survey solution. Collect answers and act.

You need to transmit a online survey massively? Do you want to collect a large amount of data and automate the processing of results?
Drag survey This is the solution that allows its users to process and analyze a large amount of data. Thousands of results are represented as graphs or tables. The piloting is safe and the decision making is accelerated.

Discover the solution:

Collect and process large amounts of data.

In an unstable and changing environment, companies must focus on satisfying their customers to maintain or gain market share. A brand must also know the image it gives to its prospects. For this, it is necessary to carry out satisfaction surveys and studies of notoriety.

To obtain this information, a company can now communicate massively with its clients or prospects. This involves sending campaigns by email, requesting your community on social networks or by communicating on specialized sites. This massive communication involves a sometimes substantial data flow.

Drag survey proposes a simple solution that allows you to quickly disseminate a large amount ofonline survey and process a large amount of data in real time. The objective is to provide a powerful solution without restrictions and without complexity.

Innovation at the service of Drag & # 39; n Survey users.

To obtain a large amount of information and centralize it, the account supervision functionality has been developed.. The goal is to allow a company to create a superuser account. This account, which can be attached to the general administration of a company, has the possibility of creating survey templates and distributing them to the accounts that it supervises. The supervised accounts can be the Sales Department, the Human Resources Department or the Marketing Department. These second level accounts can also monitor third level accounts and so on. Each one is in charge of disseminating their online survey And it can analyze the information it collects. Each higher level has the ability to analyze lower levels globally or account-by-account. This feature allows you to segment the data and perform a batch analysis.

Numerous options, such as the email solution integrated in the software, allow mass mailing of surveys. To increase participation, it is possible to make an increase in a single click.

Essential data for marketing.

Nowadays, marketing departments can no longer analyze past events and learn from mistakes. They should be able to plan for the future and minimize the risk. This is why the realization of a online survey It provides essential information to define a strategy and move in the right direction.

In a world in constant evolution and in great uncertainty, Drag & # 39; n Survey is the tool that allows data processing to reduce blind spots, limit risks and make the right strategic decisions.

Freemium model that satisfies the needs of all.

Three offers are available in the application:

– MORE at € 24 TTC per month
– PREMIUM at € 49 TTC per month


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