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Vin de Pays de Herve press release

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The wine of the Pays de Herve blows its first candle!
The social cooperative was created on September 12, 2017.
In a year, it did better than transform the test!
Judge for yourself: in one year, Vin du Pays de Herve has planted 4 hectares of vineyards in Hombourg, Aubel and Clermont S / Berwinne.
No less than 20,000 strains in the Pays de Herve.
Today, the young cooperative has only one year of 320 employees and has raised more than 360,000 euros to continue the adventure.

At the beginning …
There is a dream. The dream shared by a handful of wine-loving entrepreneurs and social projects that are enthusiastic about a common project: reviving a vineyard in the Pays de Herve.
And while we produce wine, make sure it is of quality, as well as the production of food in Pays de Herve. And that this project is part of a long-term vision, respectful of its environment and its inhabitants.
The ambition? Create a vineyard of 10 hectares in the Pays de Herve.
The objective? Produce "from vineyard to bottle" a wine labeled organic in a cellar called to make the heart of the project beat.

A cooperative with a social purpose …
The wine cooperative Vin du Pays de Herve, covered in the baptismal font in September 2017 and established as a cooperative society with limited responsibility and social purpose (SCRLFS), has set a goal of raising one million euros to exploit in less of 10 hectares of vineyards. Today, the cooperative has raised more than 360,000 euros from more than 320 employees through a collective financing operation.
The cooperative wishes to lead the project "from the vineyard to the bottle" and plans to produce in its own winery, still to be built near the vineyards that are being planted, first the sparkling wines and the white wines, before attacking the production of wines reds Wines that will further enrich the quality offer of agri-food products in the Pays de Herve.
Respect the environment and men.
The Pays de Herve wine cooperative is part of a respectful approach with its natural but also social biotope.
In terms of exploitation, the cooperative has chosen to use production techniques that are more respectful with the environment and has already begun the first steps to obtain the organic label for all the wines that will come out of its cellar. The horizon of 2021. To minimize the use of inputs, the choice of interspecific grape varieties was based on soil resistance, climate and diseases.
Regarding the choice of structure, it focused on a Cooperative with a social purpose. It aims to adopt a transparent and participatory management method. It aims to support projects, exchanges or networks with social, economic, cultural, professional or permanent education. The cooperative wishes to become a local player in the development of the social economy and the protection of the environment.
First plantations
Another step was taken at the beginning of May 2018 in the project of the wine cooperative "Vin du Pays de Herve": in two days, 20,000 feet were planted on 4 hectares of land in Homburg (Te Berg), Aubel (Messitert) and Clermont S / Berwinne (Crawhez)!
In July 2018, it was the lattices that were installed in these plots to allow these vines to plunge into the sky.
If the road is still long, it obviously promises to be exciting.
It will take some seasons for these vines to give their first harvest. The first grapes planted are intended to produce white, sparkling and still wines (Johanniter, Solaris, Gris Souvignier and Muscaris).

The creation of a logo

A company, whatever it is, must rely on an image to affirm its external and internal communication. Likewise, the communication work group composed of several cooperators has developed and proposed a new logo, formed by the letters VPH and that evokes the landscape of bocage and the plots of the Pays de Herve seen from the sky. Its V shape symbolizes the bunch of grapes, a glass, the first letter of the word "wine".

We face thunderstorms, droughts and wild boars.
We are very aware that we will have to face the vagaries of nature and climate. And this first year of existence was not easy. In early June, severe storms hit our area and we had considerable damage on our Crawhez plot. The month of July was particularly hot and dry. We water our young shoots whenever possible. Result of this presence in the field: we do not count any loss in our vineyards despite this drought.
In our plot of Hombourg, we finally had to confront the wild boars and the deer and decided to electrify the perimeter of this plot.

The challenge continues
Now we must build a winery, our place of production, whose architecture will be attractive. Open in vineyards and hedges of Pays de Herve (outside) and (interior) in vats and barrels, this architecture will reveal the transparency in the genes of a cooperative. This building will also be a place of life and meeting for our collaborators, but also an important tourist attraction: organization of events, training, visits to facilities, presentation of the vineyard and, of course, sale of our products.

To raise the necessary capital of 1 million, the cooperative hopes to support public funds. In fact, Sowecsom could count on a significant participation and we hope that other public actors can join them soon.

How to participate in the project?
To develop and reach the viability threshold, the cooperative still needs new cooperators, as well as new parcels of land. Those interested will find all the information to become a collaborator on the website As for the owners, who want to plant vines but also "exchange" with other plots more suitable for this type of crops, they are invited to contact the cooperative.

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