FORWARD | Women in March in Washington 2

FORWARD | Women in March in Washington

Your voice belongs.
Write a letter to your senators, which is most important to you.

January 21, 2017 is a historic day. We testified that 500,000 people marched in the streets of Washington DC, 3.3 million people marched through the streets in over 500 US cities and millions of individuals from all seven continents marching in solidarity. Together we write history.

As a man, this was something I wanted to create to support women and influence change.
Cole Sax's movie
Producer – Sierra Quitiquit & Phil Hessler
Movie Theme – Cole Sax & Phil Hessler
Another unit camera – Galen Knowles & Alex Igidbashian
Editor – Cole Sax
Assistant – Phil Hessler & Alex Igidbashian
Narrator – Sierra Quitiquit
Music Director – Ian McLeod & Cleod9 Music
Sound Designer + Mix – Scotty Beam & Cleod9
DI Colorist – Kinan Chabani
Coretta Scott King Voice Over – Maggie Linton
Described in Washington D.C.

Special thanks to:
500,000 people marching in the streets of Washington DC, 3.3 million citizens marching in over 500 US cities, and millions of people from all seven continents that joined together. Together we write history.

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