Chicago Link III 2

Chicago Link III

Last month I had the opportunity to go on tour and work with plenty of artists and dancers across the United States. It was an amazing experience, one of the best in my life. I have to meet artists from all over the world and get up to a few shoot here and there. One of my stops was Chicago IL. It was an incredible experience. As you know at any time when I fly to another city, there must be a link! So here I am presenting you to Chicago Link III. I was able to go to Chicago before and make the last Chicago link, it was so fun …. (although someone stole my phone and tried to hack all social media lol)
But the end result was worth it.
Thank you for your immortal support from Chicago and I will definitely come back and do something soon.
Thank you once again for coming;
and everyone who took part in this shoot. You all killed it.
Enjoy this visual

Songs: Bolide – Kllo (
Quem e Quem – JR Jarris (

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