"Rock in the Park": 2600 missions for rescuers, 132 people with caterpillars 2

"Rock in the Park": 2600 missions for rescuers, 132 people with caterpillars

Nuremberg – More than 2600 paramedics attended the "Rock in the Park" festival in Nuremberg until Sunday noon. Among them, according to the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) Sunday afternoon 22 medical operations of emergency. 148 people came to the hospital.

To create helpers and visitors, a small caterpillar also: The chain of the procession of poisonous oaks and allergy-inducing was fatal for 132 people. All cases, however, were lightly carried out. Those affected could be treated on the spot according to BRK data.

Warnings often ignored

At least 100 trees have invaded butterfly species around floors and campsites, such as the gate Nordbayern reported. Warnings have been placed around many trees: "The risks of allergies", is written in black capital letters on a yellow background, " Warning " on the red color. "Processionary of the oak! Do not touch caterpillars and nests! " Specialists have been working on the elimination since the middle of the week but have reached their limits.

Above: a caterpillar of the oak processionary. Fine hair contains thaumetopoein poison. Bottom: Nest with oak processionary spinners. Their nests are also called "Gespinste".

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Many visitors were also frivolous about the danger of the oak processionary, a spokesman for humanitarian organizations told "Rock in the Park". Several people camped in the immediate vicinity of the protection strips and ignored the corresponding instructions. The majority, however, meets the specifications.

In all cases, the Red Cross called on campers to avoid the affected areas and to move to other campsites. Corresponding alternative zones have already been created in advance.

Sharp hair

Ringworm of the oak processionary (Thaumetopoea processionea) itself is harmless, but the fine hairs of caterpillars are harmful to human health. Toxic hairs can cause respiratory distress and allergic shock. These contain poison nettle (Thaumetopoein), which can cause itching, blisters and skin rashes (dermatitis of the caterpillar), can last several days.

Irritations of the respiratory tract are less common. Coughing, shortness of breath and asthma can occur here. Nettle is a poison in the eye that can cause redness and even painful conjunctivitis. Fine hairs can also trigger allergic shock reactions.

Toilet problems

In addition to the spinners of the oak procession, visitors to "Rock in the Park" were also hampered by the toilet situation – too few at the festival site in Nuremberg. A "Shitstorm" broke out on the Internet. Due to sanitation issues, many of the 320 showers and 130 toilets were lost. And the 600 chemical toilets were obviously not enough for some 77,000 rock fans. Saturday morning, dozens of chemical toilets were replenished. (dpa, TT.com)