Top News Bitcoin & Blockchain of the week 2

Top News Bitcoin & Blockchain of the week

Ripple has to dress warmly, the Bitcoin class is doing well and the scam victims are demanding damages from the EU. In addition, reports a certain Ross Ulbricht of the American prison to speak. The most important news of the week.

Bitcoin course: how does it increase in the long run?

Short-term price fluctuations at Bitcoin & Co. must endure cryptography enthusiasts. The volatility often cited in the cryptography market is well known. However, we wonder: how can the price of Bitcoin increase in the long run?

Bitcoin is a speculative investment – and it's a good thing

Bloomberg "Bitcoin rally mask: uncomfortable: hardly anyone uses it", for example: "The Bitcoin rally conceals an unpleasant truth: hardly anyone uses it". This is unbelievable in many ways, as in the last few months, almost all the indicators indicating a growing prevalence of Cryptocurrency No. 1 have increased. So we have the same feeling with the Bloomberg analysis.

The alleged victims of Bitcoin scams claim 10 billion euros to the EU

Thirty – one plaintiffs asked a lawyer to set up a fund for victims of scams by the EU. For a total loss of 15 million euros, they want to be compensated with more than 10 billion euros. The largest illegitimate transfer of property since the Nazi era – that is as lawyer Jonathan Levy describes the damage caused by cryptographic scams in recent years. Levy represents 30 plaintiffs claiming to have lost more than 16.8 million US dollars (nearly 15 million euros) because of "cryptocurrency crimes". Now they are asking the European Union to set up a victim assistance fund in the amount of 11.2 billion US dollars.

Visa is working on the blockchain solution – ripple risk?

The Visa Credit Card Provider is known to dominate a large portion of payments. The company now plans to cooperate with payment service provider Line Pay. Together, they want to create an opportunity to make cross-border payments via Blockchain. This is the crypto startup ripple distress.

Ross Ulbricht, operator of Silk Road: "In my situation, pain is inevitable"

Just one figure from the cryptography area has made it deeper into the mainstream media than Ross Ulbricht. The operator of the former online black market SilkRoad has contributed to the dubious reputation of Bitcoin. Well, after five years in prison, Ulbricht from prison reports. It's time to tell his story: in the footsteps of a convict.

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