Sunday Funday in Mexico City | Concha Con Nata | Fish tacos 2

Sunday Funday in Mexico City | Concha Con Nata | Fish tacos

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We are the Jones family, but this channel is about where the Jones family is on planet earth. Welcome to the channel!

Our goal is to visit as many countries as possible and, at the same time, show our audience a genuine experience full of data. We want others to enjoy our videos and can use them or videos for their own trips. ๐Ÿ‘

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Common questions:

Do your children go to school? …….. Yes, they are educated at home with the help of an online curriculum, based on US standards. UU Amy is her teacher and the children report that she is twice as challenging as when they were in a public school. Also, let's not forget the education they receive why we are traveling. Most will agree that there is no substitute for this type of education.

What's your names? … Ronnie, Amy, A-man (Ayden) and B-man (Bastian)

How can you afford to travel? … We work and get an average income (based on the US standard). We can work in any place where there is an Internet connection and, since we do not have mortgage payments, car payment insurance, etc., we can pay for it. We find it cheaper to travel full time than having the lifestyle we once had.

How much do you spend on trips? … Each video usually has specific costs of what we spend on food and activities. Watch this video to see how much we spend in a whole year:

Do you earn money on YouTube? … Not really. In the 1.5 years on YouTube we have averaged around $ 50 per month. It has recovered a bit recently, but we are still a long way from recovering the thousands of dollars we have spent on camera equipment, other equipment, software, etc. Not to mention that it takes between 10 and 15 hours to film and edit a single movie. video. Needless to say, we are not in this for the money. However, we really appreciate PayPal's periodic donation and donations of the few live streams we've made. Having a Youtube channel helps us connect better with people and learn more about the places we visit. That is why we try not only to entertain, but also to give real information to others who travel to these areas. .