The self-criticism of France after the defeat of Turkey - Hü 2

The self-criticism of France after the defeat of Turkey – Hü

9.6.2019 13:00, by Chris Ehrhardt

The World Champion, France, went to Konya for the European Championship qualifier against Turkey to strengthen their lead in the championship. With the historic 0-2 defeat, the reverse has been the case. The Blues are in second place and Turkey leads the group. The stars of Team Tricolore then analyzed the reasons why it was to overcome and practice self-criticism.

What happened on the ground in Konya was very far from what we know about the world champion in France. Bloodless, pomadig, uninspired, without soul, without ideas and without direct action on the opponent's goal – this basically describes the appearance of the German team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which could allow Les Bleus to win such an impressive victory. The statements after the match were also clear. Coach Didier Deschamps said it would be very rare for France to leave the field without scoring or shooting. The game had been a resounding slap for his troop and for himself. At least the coach tried to praise his opponent's performance over the green clover and look for the causes of the defeat. His players, however, were clearer in their analysis.

The desire to win was completely missing

Benjamin Pavard, the defender, still under contract with VfB Stuttgart and playing in FC Bayern München next season, found a reason for his own failure in the fatigue and exhaustion of the players. It was not with the right attitude on the pitch and it would not matter that the opponent played much fewer matches than the French players. This could and should not be an excuse for the weak concept of the Habs Team. Pavard missed the will to win the match. No player has recovered his performance. We must forget the game as quickly as possible and focus on his opponent Andorra.

Manchester United superstar Paul Pogba also spoke very clearly and criticized the fact that France had failed even the lightest passes. Nothing was even remotely successful and you immediately took the opportunity at your opponent's first chance. He saw his team far too harmless throughout the season and criticized the fact that she was never in danger. This would show the fact that you have not managed to shoot the case of the opponent. Pogba himself said that he no longer remembered when France had played so badly.

Without aggression stood on the square

Moussa Sissoko, who is under contract with Tottenham Hotspur, also sees defeat as an opportunity. You would never know what mistakes you made and you must eliminate them. He emphasized that you have to learn the right lessons. Ferland Mendy, the left-back of Olympique Lyon, has become clearer again. According to his analysis, the Blues lacked aggressiveness on the ground. In addition, nothing was recognizable in terms of endurance or pace of play, characteristic elements of the Tricolor Team. And he also made it clear that this could not be the claim of the world champion and should not generate a dangerous shot at goal in 90 minutes.