2019 Women's World Cup: television broadcast and schedule of the World Cup in France 2

2019 Women's World Cup: television broadcast and schedule of the World Cup in France

VFrom June 8 to July 7, 2019, the eighth Women's World Cup will be held. In total, 24 teams play in France for the title. The DFB-Elf is one of them – and is part of the extended circle of favorites.

2019 Women's World Cup: broadcast live and television

Public law persons have all the rights to the games. The 52 games are broadcast on ARD or ZDF TV or live on the Internet. The feeds are available on Good king News and ZDFsport.de.

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Ada Hergerberg at the presentation of the Golden Ball

The second match of the German women against Spain on June 12 (18 hours) can be seen on ZDF, in the last game of the preliminary round against South Africa on June 17 (18 hours) is then back to the ARD.

In the round of 16, the ZDF would be responsible for the eighth and semi-finals, of the ARD for the quarter-finals and the final (regardless of the German participation).

World Cup groups in brief

Group A (France, Nigeria, Norway, South Korea)

Group B (Germany, China, Spain, South Africa)

Group C (Australia, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica)

Group D (Argentina, England, Japan, Scotland)

Group E (Cameroon, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands)

Group F (Chile, Sweden, Thailand, United States)

Four nations participate in a World Cup for the first time. Chile, Jamaica, South Africa – and surprisingly also a European team with Scotland.

No eggs, but ponytail

For the start of the Women's World Cup in France launches a new advertising campaign. The women of the DFB are at the center of the film. The video is provocative. But a sentence puts everything in the shade.

The mode of the world cup in France

In total, 24 teams are qualified for the tournament, divided into six groups of four teams. The respective first and second groups enter the second round. In addition, there are also the four best third parties.

From the round of 16, it continues in KO mode. If there are draws after 90 minutes, extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out must be decided.

Women's World Cup: Schedule and Results

Group A

Friday June 7th at 9pm: France – South Korea (4: 0)

Saturday, June 8 at 9 pm: Norway – Nigeria (3: 0)

Wednesday 12 June 15h: Nigeria – South Korea 21h: France – Norway

Monday 17 June at 9 pm: Nigeria – France 9 pm: South Korea – Norway

Group B

Saturday 8th June 15h00: Germany – China (1: 0)

Saturday, June 8 at 18:00: Spain – South Africa (3: 1)

Wednesday 12 June 18h00: Germany – Spain

Thursday, June 13 at 9 pm: South Africa – China

Monday 17 June at 6 pm: South Africa – Germany 18:00: China – Spain

"Lucky us"

If you talk to FC Bayern women about their working conditions, women will be delighted. On the conditions on the new campus of the FCB, we are very happy.

Group C

Sunday, June 9, 1:00 pm: Australia – Italy (1:00 pm) 3:30 pm: Brazil – Jamaica (3:00 pm)

Thursday 13 June at 6 pm: Australia – Brazil

Friday, June 14 6 pm: Jamaica – Italy

Tuesday 18 June 9:00 pm: Jamaica – Australia 9:00 pm: Italy – Brazil

Group D

Sunday 9th June 18h: England – Scotland (2: 1)

Monday, June 10 at 18:00: Argentina – Japan (0: 0)

Friday 14 June 15h: Japan – Scotland 21h: England – Argentina

Wednesday 19 June 9:00 pm: Japan – England 9:00 pm: Scotland – Argentina

Group E

Monday, June 10 at 9 pm: Canada – Cameroon (1: 0)

Tuesday 11 June 15h00: New Zealand – The Netherlands

Saturday 15 June 15h00: Netherlands – Cameroon 21h00: Canada – New Zealand

Thursday 20th June 18h: Netherlands – Canada 18h: Cameroon – New Zealand

Group F

Tuesday 11 June 18h00: Chile – Sweden 21h00: USA – Thailand

Sunday 16 June 3 pm: Sweden – Thailand 6 pm: United States – Chile

Thursday 20 June 21h00: Sweden – USA 21h00: Thailand – Chile

second turn

Saturday, June 22 at 17:30 in Grenoble: First B – Third ACD at 21:00 in Nice: Second A – Second C

Sunday, June 23 at 17:30 in Valenciennes: First D – Third BEF 21.00 in Le Havre: First A – Third CDE

Monday, June 24, 18h in Reims: Second B – First F 21h in Paris: Second F – Second E

Tuesday, June 25 at 18:00 in Montpellier: First C – Third ABF at 21:00 in Rennes: First E – Second D


Thursday, June 27 at 9 pm: Winner Nice – Victor Valenciennes

Friday, June 28 at 9 pm: Winner Le Havre – Winner Reims

Saturday, June 29 at 15:00: winner Montpellier – winner Rennes at 18:30: winner Grenoble – winner Paris

The quarter-final is the goal of the Women's World Cup

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg announced the composition of the 23-man team for the World Cup in France. The national coach has a very clear goal for the next World Cup.


Tuesday, July 2 at 9 pm: Winner VF1 – winner VF2

Wednesday, July 3 9 pm: Winner VF3 – winner VF4

Play for 3rd place

Saturday 6 July 5:00 PM: Loser HF1 – Loser HF2

Final of the Women's World Cup 2019

Sunday, July 7 at 17:00: winner HF1 – winner HF2

The World Cup Team of Germany

Tor: Laura Benkarth (Bayern Munich / 26 years / 8 capitals), Merle Frohms (SC Freiburg / 24/4), Almuth Schult (VfL Wolfsburg / 28/58)

defense: Sara Doorsoun (VfL Wolfsburg / 27/24), Johanna Elsig (Potsdam Turbine / 26/12), Lena Goessling (VfL Wolfsburg / 33/104), Giulia Gwinn (SC Freiburg / 19/7), Marina Hegering (SGS Essen / 29/2), Kathrin Hendrich (Bayern Munich / 27/29), Leonie Maier (Bayern Munich / 26/69), Carolin Simon (Olympic Lyon / 26/15)

Half / attack: Klara Bühl (SC Freiburg / 18/1), Sara Däbritz (Bayern Munich / 24/59), Linda Dallmann (SGS Essen / 24/20), Svenja Huth (Potsdam Turbine / 28/43), Turid Knaak (SGS Essen / 28/7), Melanie Leupolz (Bayern Munich / 25/57), Lina Magull (Bayern Munich / 24/30), Dzsenifer Marozsan (Olympic Lyon / 27/89), Lena Oberdorf (SGS Essen / 17/2), Alexandra Popp (VfL Wolfsburg / 28/95), Lea Schüller (SGS Essen / 21/12), Verena Schweers (Bayern Munich / 29/44)

On call: Lisa Schmitz (Tor / Turbine Potsdam / 27/2), Pauline Bremer (Manchester City / 23/17), Kristin Demann (Bayern Munich / 26/20), Lena Lattwein (TSG Hoffenheim / 19/4), Felicitas Rauch (Turbine ) Potsdam / 23/8)

15 players celebrate their World Cup debut. Only two people were not born in the 1990s or 2000s: Lena Goessling (1986) and Verena Schweers (1989). However, the team is led by Captain Alexandra Popp. His assistant is Svenja Huth.

National Coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg nominated for the 2019 World Cup

National Coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg nominated for the 2019 World Cup

Source: dpa / Arne Dedert

Who are the favorites?

Traditionally, Americans are credited with everything, the United States are also defending champions. In addition, the DFB team has a lot on the soap opera.

In addition, Brazil, England, France, Japan, Canada and Sweden are among the candidates for the title.

The performance of DFB women

Twice, a women's national football team won the title: 2003 and 2007. In the last tournament in 2015, Canada was in the semifinal against the final, the American winner.

  • 1991: fourth
  • 1995: vice champion of the world
  • 1999: Quarterfinal
  • 2003: world champion
  • 2007: world champion
  • 2011: quarter-final
  • 2015: semi-finals

Previous world champions

With three triumphs lead the Americans in the eternal rankings. Germany has won two victories.

  • End of game 1991: USA – Norway 2: 1
  • End of game 1995: Norway – Germany 2: 0
  • Final 1999: USA – China 5: 4 n.E.
  • End of part 2003: Germany – Sweden 2: 1 n gold goal (Nia Künzer)
  • End of part 2007: Germany – Brazil 2: 0
  • Final 2011: Japan – United States 5: 3 n.E.
  • Final 2015: USA – Japan 5: 2