Countdown in progress: Mammoth Tournament with question mark | 2

Countdown in progress: Mammoth Tournament with question mark |

The German national football team is still playing for its ticket to the finals of the European Championship in 2020. One year exactly before the unusual tournament, ticket sales will begin. Fans must speculate at the moment, where Löw's team could play crucial games.

The countdown is started: mammoth tournament with question marks

In one year, the 2020 European Football Championship begins with the opening match in Rome. For the first time, the continental tournament takes place in twelve host countries.

The German team will also travel across Europe if it succeeds – at best until the last week in London. Tickets will be online Wednesday.

Why is the European Championship taking place in twelve countries?

The idea of ​​a pan-European championship dates back to Michel Platini, head of the UEFA suspended later. 60 years after the first tournament of the European Championship, he wanted an event that symbolizes the cohesion of the continent of football, as well as its justification. Criticism strained to the French, he wanted to be content with the large number of hosts as well as national associations, for them to confirm.

How is the qualifying round going for the German team?

The DFB team is on the right track. The most difficult task was successfully solved with the opening in the Netherlands in March with a 3: 2. Belarus, Estonia and Northern Ireland are not a particularly important obstacle, especially since that the second place is already enough for the direct ticket for the European Championship. The normal qualifying round will end in November, with the selection of 20 tournament participants out of 24.

What's going on with the four starting places after the League of Nations qualifiers?

All winners and finalists from the ten groups will win an EM ticket. The last four places are then allocated to the League of Nations ranking of the previous year. In four playoffs, the top four teams in the A-D leagues are eligible, but are not yet qualified for the European Championship. If less than four teams in a league are not yet qualified, the starting place goes to a team from the next lower league. Played the series in March 2020, the winner of each path of the league receives an EM ticket.

Where will the German team play in the European Championship?

It is certain that the Löw selection in direct qualifying rejects at least two out of three group matches in Munich. If the Hungarians also achieve the direct ticket, it will be decided whether the duel of the two teams will be played in Group F in Munich or Budapest. If the Hungarians do not participate directly in the European Championship, the three matches of German groups take place in Munich.

Then, it is about the selection DFB during a European tour. As the group winners, Bucharest and St. Petersburg would be the venues for the eighth and quarterfinals. As a group runner, he would go in the next rounds to Dublin and Rome.

Only as a third group for Germany in one of two possible constellations, Munich would be the quarterfinal after a playoff round in Bilbao. The other option would be: the knockout stages in Budapest and the quarterfinals in Baku.

Semi-finals and finals will be held at Wembley Stadium in London. The places where Germany will certainly not play are Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow.

How can I get tickets and how much do they cost?

From the 12th of June to the 12th of July, fans can register for the first time on the tickets of the 51 matches of the tournament on of UEFA. Ticket prices vary depending on the location. UEFA therefore takes into account the general level of prices in the countries.

The prices for the three group matches in Munich cost according to category 50, 125 or 185 euros. Prices for the quarter-finals in Munich are 75, 145 or 225 euros. In Bucharest, the prices are the same as in Budapest and Baku for the round of 16, for example at only 30, 75 or 125 euros. For the two semi-finals in London, it takes 85, 195, 345 or 595 euros, for the final, they rise to 95, 295, 595 and 945 euros.

In total, there are three million tickets for the 51 games. Speed ​​is not important in the first sales phase. If the demand exceeds the offer, the lot decides. The next sales phase begins in December. It is also possible to buy so-called follow-up cards from your team, which allow a team to access the final.