Cryptojacking: a malicious program attacks an Oracle server 2

Cryptojacking: a malicious program attacks an Oracle server

Operating software introduced

The authors' actions are not new, but this time they have chosen a particularly valuable goal. The malware was infested with malware and used for mining purposes by Monero. The damage caused by the costs of electricity and the reduction of energy consumption are difficult to quantify. Because Oracle has already provided an update.

The malware was on the certificate files
introduced, which is not generally classified as a new method,
but more common in other contexts. Targeted Oracle WebLogic
Unsecured servers against vulnerability.

This feat has been known since April 2019 and, in this case, the malware is not only able to be injected, but also remains hidden.

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Logical consequence

Criminals use their methods because the malware that
Kapte is nothing new. In general, Monero is going
because the authors can bet on keeping anonymous as soon as someone else
his approach noticed.

We can assume that in the future more messages
such and similar incidents are to be expected as this area of ​​activity
remains lucrative. Even mobile devices are not safe before cryptojacking
even Android devices become the target of attacks. In principle, the
Criminals are not only interested in many but also in
Abuse powerful hardware.

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How can you protect yourself?

Absolute protection does not exist. however
home users can cover themselves to some extent. That understands that
Regular and timely import of operating system updates used.
The operation of an antivirus program and finally some caution.

Do not install unknown software from unreliable sources. Do not open attachments from e-mails with a sender that you do not know. Even if the source or sender are known, precautions must be taken when connecting.

As the present case shows, the infrastructure of a business could also be affected. This includes website operators and the hosts of various services that you use daily as a home user. And of course, it can also affect family, friends and colleagues.

However, there is no reason for paranoia. Because the most dangerous attachments can be identified quickly. Especially that it usually involves unsolicited submissions.