Imaginary Forces - an interesting person 2

Imaginary Forces – an interesting person

When we hit the CBS exhibition "Person's Person" wanted to update their opening order, we jumped to the challenge to raise the opening titles of this high-tech exhibition. The viewer is taken deeper into the mind of a knowledgeable machine through the labyrinth of surveillance material, calls, personal information and visualized information. Our process included a comprehensive set of graphical tools and a system of procedures that respond to image material to wake the heuristic style of the machine.

Art Director: Miguel Lee
Designer: Ash Thorp, Wes Kandel, Ryan Summers, AJ Bae, Miguel Lee
Animators: Ryan Summers, Wes Kandel, AJ Bae, Miguel Lee
Editor: Keith Roberts
Logo Design: William Hastings
Manufacturer: Chris Quilty

Customer / Studio: CBS
Creator: Jonathan Nolan
Associate Producer: Joshua Levey