New advances in seed diagnosis 2

New advances in seed diagnosis

Dr. Susana Cortés. Embryologist in charge of Laboratorios de Clínica Tamre.
The sperm DNA fragmentation test has been
in recent years, set another test
routine for diagnosing male infertility.
However, the role and its
clinical benefit in daily practice. Asking such a question
as What are the limit values ​​for a
Assisted Reproduction Technique? what are
Right information? Is antioxidant therapy useful?
among other things, they miss.
On the other hand, other semen
HBA Test (Hyaluronidase)
Binding Assay) and as a result
Spermslow, have proved to be useful.
The purpose of the meeting is nothing else
"Put on the table" these things that concern us all, and especially those who work
Embryology laboratory.
That's why we're just going to give these things a brush and give it all
Participants discuss their experiences and opinions.