We do not bother, we just want to play | TIME ONLINE 2

We do not bother, we just want to play | TIME ONLINE

A hand touches my shoulder, I jump
together. My shirt slips and I turn frantically. " Girls,
if you shoot more in the corners, you will hit it. There is the keeper
no chance. "Gray mustache, wide smile, wide arm movements
to the left and to the right. I look at the irritated referee. Was just
the part-time whistle sounds. Time for lessons to the attacker.

Linda Gerner was born in 1993 in Detmold in North Rhine-Westphalia. For football, she would give up all other hobbies today. In Berlin, she studies cultural journalism at the University of the Arts and works as a freelance journalist.
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After eighteen years of football, I'm with
familiar with such situations. When I'm with my wife – the word
Femininity is in Duden, she hardly uses anyone – together in the square
standing, playing gender discrimination always a role. Sometimes it's border crossings like
that referee touch, on other days it is bodyshaming and homophobic
Proverbs such as "Mansweiber" and "Alles Lesben" or sexualized comments:
"Do you also replace the jersey after the match?", "You always play with three
Balls. "About Schiris' Mansplaining (" Ladies, even though we're here at
Women's football are, there are already some rules ") and stable sexism could
it can be assumed that every female sports team in the amateur and professional field will fill books
and play bingo with bullshit for hours.

In other countries, women are fighting for this, at all
Be allowed to play football, for example in Iran. In Afghanistan, players from
National teams from the end of last year of sexual assault by the president of the
The Afghan Football Federation is made public – knowing that they are
put him in mortal danger. In Germany, girls can be in the
Sign up for a football club, there are talent promotions and now more
Acceptance. The idea that it's more of a sport for
Boys are, persists nevertheless persistently. If I call my hobby, it will always be
commented. Sometimes positively surprised, often enough. There is always
the big football clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid or Inter Milan
Women's Division.

Where are the stickers?

In professional football
Ignorance is added to sexism. Where are the hardworking
planned public viewing with lovingly glazed advertising through
City, where the little bags at the supermarket and where the great euphoria at every game of the
German teams? In everyday life, it reminds me little that German
The national women's team will soon win the third title on the world football scene

In the media now finds where the world Cup
in France
already underway, a timid account is taking place. On a lot
However, the platforms only started on the day of the opening match. After all:
It's a lot more than at the 2015 World Cup. But if you're trying to find ads using the net,
who offer a World Cup show, you fight with the search query "World Cup" despite
tournament already underway against algorithms, which are mostly entries for
Spit the last FIFA World Cup. Also my non-representative
A survey in the circle of knowledge shows: Many do not even know that only one
The World Cup takes place, let alone in which country.

Others had at least heard about the sponsor of the national team. He was courted by the editorial as someone who puts his finger with irony in the wound
friendly titles from Clickbait to the "We do not need eggs",
In the sport of footballers, publishers are often not
is enough to signal about it. In the advertising clip, there is the clear
Ad: Most people – including many
Sports writers – is the successful performance of women in the World Cup
completely no matter. They are not interested in their names either. Just analyze
some editors, without giving more self-criticism
practice that in sport, sport is often not enough in women.
is reported. Also an appropriate preliminary report, for which there is still time
It would not have been there.

It's easier for the women's national team to make a
make it ironic and "ultra-casual" commercial than to demand more money from Fifa. Also in the recreation area we notice again and again that
It is difficult for women's teams to consistently demand better conditions. we
are grateful to even have a playing time even though they are
Sunday morning at eight o'clock. Or a training time, which only
Teams of children play. Thank you, dear officials, we do not bother further, we want
only play.

That the advertising of the National Women's Team is not
of DFB itself, but was produced by the sponsor, is not surprising. the
The DFB's public relations for the National Women's Team act passively. I am struck by the feeling that
DFB has no interest that women and their World Cup much
Attract attention. One might also wonder why he is in the
Promote women's football in the
has given so little development in recent years.