Women's World Cup 2019: Argentina, sensation and Estefanía Banini 2

Women's World Cup 2019: Argentina, sensation and Estefanía Banini

His nickname is "The Messi femenina".

Estefanía Banini is suddenly set to dribble. Argentina has deceived a move, tightened the pace and let three Japanese women move on to his teammate. The spectators of the Prinzenpark in Paris have applauded at the moment, and they understand why the leader of the game number ten is often compared to the star of Argentine football Lionel Messi.

But Banini does not prefer the left foot as Messi, you will notice several times in the match of the World Cup against Japan. She also does not have a team like Messi where she can shine all the time. Comparisons between men and women in football are often wrong, but here it is particularly lame. Because for Banini and her teammates, working conditions in Argentina are bad, women's football is often frowned upon. And that's why Banini and his team did against Japan.

Banini in the World Cup match against Japan


Banini in the World Cup match against Japan

Banini is the player who should bring relief in the opening match of the World Cup. Overall, there is little relief against the 2015 World Vice Runner-up and 2011 World Cup Champion. Asians are tactically well organized and let the Argentineans run. Japan is a powerhouse in football, while Argentina is a dwarf.

Already celebrating a world champion

In the previous two editions of the World Cup in 2003 and 2007, the selection had only 15, and four years later she conceded 18 goals. In the previous six games: still a debacle. In 2016, the country ranked temporarily in 128th place in the FIFA World Ranking, crashed between Bangladesh and Rwanda. Today, the team is ranked 37th, it is moving slowly. Head coach Carlos Borrello qualifies his base eleven.

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And the first thin stems are now visible. The feat of Argentina against Japan was rewarded, the first point in the history of the Albicelestes was perfect on the seventh attempt. Anyone who wanted to know what this historic draw meant for the Argentinians only had to follow the seconds that followed the final whistle. On the substitutes' bench, a dozen players rushed, some rushed to the guard and tore them to the floor with joy. Striker Sole Jaimes kissed the grass; she should have applauded so a few weeks ago, at the end of May, when she won the Champions League with Olympique Lyonnais. Jaimes is next to Banini, one of the two stars of the team.

Sole Jaimes (left) in the World Cup match against Japan

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Sole Jaimes (left) in the World Cup match against Japan

But otherwise, many young talents are represented in the team and some of them earn very little money. In 2017, part of the national team went on strike for not paying them the promised $ 10 allowance for an international match. There were often no proper locker rooms for the appointments of the selection, the hotel costs were not supported, criticized the players. Earlier this year, Mac Arena Sánchez complained to his own association to draw attention to the abuses of Argentine football. Fight for a professionalization of your sport (read an interview with the candidate here).

The Argentine league is a professional league, the money remains little

This fight now shows some successes, although modest: as of this season, the Argentine women are officially professionals. Each of the 16 Premier League clubs will also receive $ 3,000 a month from the association to pay the players, with a minimum wage of $ 365 per month. It's a start. But even in the future, exceptional footballers from Argentina will not be able to live alone in football. Banini should get more money from his Spanish club Levante. How much is unknown, but the league is on the rise.

At the time of Argentina's greatest triumph in women's history, Banini held back with more demands. "We want to inspire the Argentinian people," said the 28-year-old, who was also rewarded as player of the match after the match: "We are on the right track. said: "I hope the development will continue, women deserve more attention." The head coach also needs a bonus: he sells cars part-time.

Borrello and Banini after defeating Japan


Borrello and Banini after defeating Japan

How is the history of Argentina, you do not know. What is certain is that the team must follow another sensation to move to the final phase. In the next group match, Friday, England (9 pm, live Good king News ONLINE). This is the next favorite of the tournament. Banini then wants to "fight again and walk a lot". She says that she does not want to shine. It does not look like Lionel Messi. Comparisons with him, she finds good. But the most important thing is that fans remember their name. He is called Estefanía Banini.