Curious Silver Rain in London: Cash Dispenser Eliminates Uncontrollable Bills 2

Curious Silver Rain in London: Cash Dispenser Eliminates Uncontrollable Bills


The bag provided by far not enough for all the bills.

(Photo: Youtube capture)

You just want to quickly withdraw some money, but the machine does not stop to spit bills: this scene shows a video of London. But in the end, the rain of money is not as unexpected as it seems.

Commuters traveling to work in London witnessed a curious incident: an ATM in the Bond Street subway station spit out seemingly uncontrollable bills. The 20-pound notes came out of the machine at such a speed that they were scattered on the floor.

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A video shared for the first time at Reddit shows a security guard protecting the ATM from curious passersby and preventing them from paying bills. Another man – presumably the one who wanted to withdraw money – mixed notes on the floor with embarrassment, feet together. A large black bag, which is in front of the machine, is already filled at the top. The ATM is a Bitcoin device that pays cryptocurrency in cash, even in very large quantities. At the same time, customers can buy bitcoins at the machine with money.

But is the London incident really a so-called jackpotting bug? Such a hack makes it possible to ensure that the machine sends free all the tickets that it contains. The Polish company that runs these ATMs on Bond Street denies it: the customer simply wanted to withdraw a good amount of money.

"As you can see, a bag is in front of the ATM," said Adam Gramowski, CEO of Bitcoin Technologis, Britain's "Sun". The machine also supports important transactions, a larger exit location but be a good solution. "Our client was not very careful," Gramowski says. "But the ATM needs to be redesigned to better handle small denominations in the UK." As beautiful as is the idea of ​​sudden wealth: that you want to remove 20 pounds and keep them in the hands of the end of the year 2000, this machine is also unlikely.