Game Report | Iceland - Turkey 2: 1 | 4th day | European Championship 2018/19 2

Game Report | Iceland – Turkey 2: 1 | 4th day | European Championship 2018/19

The Icelandic national team scored in the qualifiers of the European Championship, a major victory against Turkey, still unbeaten. After a slow start, an animated game was developed, in which the Icelanders initially had the magazine in their hands. Shortly before the break, the organizers staggered, but with defensive discipline focused in the lead, but over time.

Icelandic cheers

The Icelanders, around their double scorer, Ragnar Sigurdsson (number 6), celebrate the important victory against Turkey.

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The beginning of this game has been more than slow. It is only when Hallfredsson arrived too late against Kahveci and rightly saw the yellow, the Icelanders gradually woke up and played with courage (18). After Northern Europeans have always tried to the middle, they have now dodged on the wings. However, Iceland only needed standard situations before the Turkish goal. Gudmundsson put a free-kick on the head of center-back Ragnar Sigurdsson, who led into the far corner against Keeper Mert – 1-0 (21)! The management played the hosts in the boxes, Turkey's defense seemed more and more unstable. So once again led to a standard 2: 0: Gylfi Sigurdsson scored a corner in the center, he extended Bjarnason on Ragnar Sigurdsson, who headed for a double (31).

The Icelanders remained despite clear leadership, decisive team. Out of nowhere, Turkey has reached the ultimate goal and that – how could it be otherwise tonight – after a corner. 41. This time, Kahveci brought the right-hand game machine to Toköz, who tilted his head in the farthest corner (41 '). Turkey was in the final minutes of the first half with Oberwasser, but the hosts put visitors away.

Iceland shows defensive qualities

In the second round, chances were still rare. The Icelanders showed, also because of defensive changes, what were their defense qualities. Turkey increased the pressure but failed to beat the Blue Whites. Iceland has now acted with two four-chain chains, which have spread out near its own repair area. The few counter-possibilities of the Icelanders have been forgiven too imprudently. But Turkey did not reach the Icelandic goal. The best opportunity was awarded to Demiral, who shot completely autonomously after a Calhangoglu free kick (79 '). K. O. standing The Icelanders defended their narrow lead until the final whistle of the match and have therefore progressed on points equal to those of Turkey and France (9).