In a year, the Euro2020 starts - football 2

In a year, the Euro2020 starts – football


The Euro2020 will start in a year

How to get tickets? Why is played in twelve countries? Answers to key questions about the 2020 European Football Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo (right) and Portugal are the defending champions at the European Championships.

Cristiano Ronaldo (right) and Portugal are the defending champions at the European Championships.

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Berlin. On 12 June 2020, the first pan-European football championship will begin. The Morgenpost answers the most important questions one year ago:

What facts about the championship of Europe are known?

Matches will be played from 12 June to 12 July 2020 in Germany (Munich), Azerbaijan (Baku), Denmark (Copenhagen), England (London), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Rome), the Netherlands, Bas (Amsterdam) and Romania. (Bucharest), Russia (Saint Petersburg), Scotland (Glasgow), Spain (Bilbao) and Hungary (Budapest). In Munich, there will be three group matches and one quarter-final. The two semi-finals and the final will be played at Wembley Stadium in London. The tournament will open in Rome. Qualify Germany and Hungary, they play as "partners of the city" together in the group F. A draw determines who, in the direct duel, plays at home and thus has three home games in phase of groups.

Who had the idea to distribute the European Championship on the continent?

The author was Michel Platini, then president of UEFA, who wanted to do something special for the 60th anniversary of the tournament of the Championship of Europe. Meanwhile, the clash of a dubious billionaire Frenchman is no longer in power. But his successor, Aleksander Ceferin, also stressed that "football serves as a bridge between nations and that the competition is closer to the supporters who are the first to give life to football". The next normal European Championship will take place in 2024 in Germany.

How do fans get tickets?

From June 12 to July 12, fans can apply for tickets to the 51 matches of the tournament for the first time to UEFA via the internet platform. Ticket prices vary depending on the location. Uefa thus takes into account the general level of prices in the countries.

The prices for the three group matches in Munich cost according to category 50, 125 or 185 euros. Prices for the quarter-finals in Munich are 75, 145 or 225 euros. In Bucharest, the prices are the same as in Budapest and Baku for the round of 16, for example at only 30, 75 or 125 euros. For the two semi-finals in London, it takes 85, 195, 345 or 595 euros, for the final, they rise to 95, 295, 595 and 945 euros.

In total, there are three million tickets for the 51 games. Speed ​​is not important in the first sales phase. If requests exceed the offer, the lot decides. The next sales phase begins in December. It is also possible to buy so-called follow-up cards from your team, which allow a team to access the final.

What are the challenges for fans?

It will be important to book the right flights and hotels at the right time – not to ruin you financially. In any case, Germany should play in at least two other countries before winning the desired title: in the round of 16, as well as in the final in London. The biggest question will be whether a similar tournament atmosphere will be created in the twelve cities compared to any other host country. UEFA hopes twelve "summer fairy tales", critics come out disjointed games, which attract far fewer fans to the outside.

In which mode is the qualification played?

In total, there are ten groups, five with five teams, five with six. Germany meets Group C in the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Estonia and Belorussia. For the first pan-European European Championship in twelve cities in Europe, each of the first two teams (20 teams) and the four winners of the Nations League play-off are qualified. The normal qualifier will run until November 19th. The play-offs will take place in March 2020. Therefore, after the draw on November 30 in Bucharest, where four finalists have not yet decided, another draw (April 1) may be necessary.

What is the importance of a good qualification?

That qualification for national coach Joachim Loew is an absolute duty, there is no doubt. The national team should also do everything to complete the group with a very good record in front of the Netherlands. Like the finals of 2016, the 2020 Europe Championship will be played by 24 teams, and in the group stage, there will be six groups of four. In the draw of pot 1, there remains only the top six best in the qualifying group. As the second or seventh best winning group, the group is under threat.