National team: Germany wins Estonia in European championship playoffs - football 2

National team: Germany wins Estonia in European championship playoffs – football

The end of the difficult international season following the World Cup disaster was a real relaxation.

Goalkeeper 8-0 against Estonia! After 37 minutes, it is 5: 0 – the highest break since the legendary Brazil 7: 1 at the 2014 World Cup. The atmosphere of La Ola in Mainz!

After the final whistle, the summer break begins for most internationals. Most of them are taken on vacation by their wives and friends directly from the stadium.
Before that goes into the second match without coach Joachim Loew (59) nothing wrong. The Marcus Sorg performance (53 years old) brings Germany 's highest victory since 2016.

Goalkeeper Marco Reus (30) on "RTL": "We had plans to score more goals than against Belarus – we had more pace today."

Captain Manuel Neuer (33): "We can be proud of what we have shown in the last two international matches."

An excellent finish of the season after the fall WM 2018. Only since the descent into the League of Nations is again uphill. The 2-0 win over Belarus and the super win against Estonia give back courage.

Against the Estonians, Jogi (obliged to save after the dumbbell accident) can sit on the sofa in Freiburg early in the morning. The Germans break again and again the defense to 9 players, imagine simple goals. The best goal is Reus by direct free kick (37).

Reus after the match on RTL Micro: "If I see things this way: it could be the most beautiful international goal of my career."

In the stands, the parents of Leroy Sané (23 years old) applaud. However, Father Souleymane does not want to reveal the future of his son in Bavaria: "For the moment, there is nothing to say." Leroy will then be deprived of two goals for offside before he reaches the final score shortly before the end (88.).

Sané is approached thereafter, while he is approached for a possible change of Bayern: "I'm leaving for the first time on vacation, everything else will see next". And at the request of Good king News, if Bayern hoped: "I think that is enough now for Bayern questions".

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Photo: Adam Pretty / Getty Images

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Interesting shooting technique, to see: Marco Reus scored the free kick at 5-0 at half timePhoto: Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (33) is looking forward to breaking a record. With the 37th international match, he passes the legend of goalkeeper Sepp Maier (75).

Representative Coach Sorg: "A great eulogy to the team.It worked well for ten days after a long season.The enthusiasm of the team has been crucial today. . "

Now, Holland can come. They are the first qualified opponents of the new season in September.

But first: Happy holidays, guys!