ÖVP Youth votes against EuroPride - then wants to participate in the parade 2

ÖVP Youth votes against EuroPride – then wants to participate in the parade

Group on the rainbow parade 2017
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in fact
HOSI Vienna is pleased with all the clubs that participated in the rainbow parade for
wants to challenge the rights of sexual minorities. But as in December
A request from the Youth Party (JVP) arrived, she was visibly surprised.
Because the People's Party has prevented for years the equality of the community –
also with JVP's former president, Sebastian Kurz, at the top, in the
The youth organization of the party has its power base.

For 364 days a year, sexual minorities do not seem to matter to JVP

Moritz Yvon, president of HOSI Vienna, also confirmed that the request was "surprised" by GGG.at – "because the policy of the ÖVP has always been systematically directed against the rights of LGBTIQ people". Clerk
Fidelsberger adds: "We asked for an opinion from the JVP, this
thoroughly tested, as well as their actual political work. I've recently
obsolete government program for LGBTIQ people of the ÖVP no
It should be mentioned – the JVP was silent. Also the
Vicious implementation of the conclusions of the VfGH on the entry of the third sex
JVP person has criticized the Ministry of the Interior. "

After a long time
The discussions were clear for HOSI Vienna: the decision: JVP participation
Vienna at the rainbow parade was rejected. "A simple promotion without
recognizable substance is too little. You can not contract against 364 days a year
Acceptance and equality of rights, then suddenly the 365th day
Yvon wants to celebrate his position. "

To act
but this is not a fundamental rejection of conservative politics,
stresses HOSI Vienna. "If it's in the JVP and, better still, in the ÖVP
rethink credible, we are invited to talk about it again. We have the
JVP has also explicitly offered to gather and settle
of course, this remains valid, "says Yvon at GGG.at.

The JVP voted against EuroPride – and is offended now that it can no longer adhere

At Vienna's JVP, one obviously feels at home in the role of victim: "For example, I have counted on the legitimate question" why only now? "Or with one or the other incomprehensible colleague of the party," he explains on a daily basis mail, which falls within the sphere of influence of the Raiffeisen group linked to the ÖVP. The Vienna JVP had "publicly announced the opening of the marriage" before the verdict of the Constitutional Court "and" unlike the party line ".

But that's enough
the organizers no: "The JVP, but not only against the LGBTIQ-hostile
The policy of the ÖVP is always silent. He even has JVP advisors
2018 voted against the grant for EuroPride Vienna. If it is after the
JVP would be gone, there would be no EuroPride in Vienna today, "says Katharina
Kacerovsky, organizer of EuroPride Vienna and general manager of
Stonewall GmbH.

The youths of the ÖVP party believe they have better understood the idea of ​​the parade than the organizers

There is
from Marchetti no explanation. But he admits: "In the past
These as well as the ÖVP are not tainted with glory in rights
homosexuals. "The decision of HOSI Vienna, the JVP not
to admit the parade, he criticizes. She would not be the character of
Event, since "a non-partisan alliance"
and original idea of ​​the rainbow parade "match.

In other countries, it is "natural" for conservative parties to participate, says Marchetti mailThis is not contradicted by HOSI Vienna. Rejection is not a fundamental rejection of conservative politics, they say. "If there is a credible change in thinking in the JVP and, better still, in the ÖVP, we are invited to talk about it again." We also explicitly proposed to the JVP to sit down and sit down. to share our content, which of course is still valid, "says Yvon at GGG.at.

An offer that we would like to accept at the JVP – at least in public statements a few days before the rainbow parade: "We remain for the moment in the hope that the only debate triggers something positive", has said Marchetti. Because after the parade, it's before the parade – and the JVP has 364 days to prove that it's still there for the community.