Security: DFB and DFL support dialogue 2

Security: DFB and DFL support dialogue

The DFB and the LDF have emphasized the importance of an in-depth dialogue on concepts to enhance safety around football in Germany.

The German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football League (DFL) have asked the Kiel Interior Ministers' Conference to cooperate with all network partners in the future on concepts aimed at enhancing safety and security. around football in Germany. The fight against the causes of violence and discrimination is and remains a task of the society in which football has been involved for many years and for which it will continue to engage in a sustainable way in the future , said a press release.

At the same time, the associations again declared a "no clear to football for any form of violence". The Conference of Ministers of the Interior will also discuss the topic of cost sharing of police operations via professional football.

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig declared at the end of March that the participation of professional football at the expense of the police was in principle legal. The specific legal dispute between the LDF and the Hanseatic city of Bremen concerning the decision on the fees for an amount of 415 000 euros was referred by Judge Wolfgang Bier to the Bremen Higher Administrative Court (OVG).

"The DFB and the DFL continue to stand there and in principle at the last point expressed by the Minister of the Interior of Hesse, Peter Beuth, saying that it is not up to football to pay the costs of public security through police operations, "said DFB and DFL.

The associations once again emphasized their clear position against the violence and it was important "to optimize the work already established and successful in many places for more security in interaction with all the people involved". For many years, we had invested in different areas of prevention, fan work and security, including DFB and DFL.

These include the financing of fan projects nationwide, the work of socio-educational supporters carried out. In addition, clubs spend a lot on prevention activities and invest in stadium security infrastructure.

The "stadium alliances" practiced in Baden-Wuerttemberg are another positive approach in this context. "A significant intensification of cooperation between associations and security authorities has led to a reduction in police working hours," wrote DFB and DFL.