Stefan Kuntz focuses on reforms in German football 2

Stefan Kuntz focuses on reforms in German football

The DFB coach, Stefan Kuntz, is not worried about German football despite the recent setbacks in the field of youth.

"Of course, we realized that the number of crazy talents in individual vintages had slightly decreased, so DFL and DFB are thinking about the reforms that make sense, and it is important that these reforms be made," said the German coach. under 21 years old. National team.

At the same time, Kuntz acknowledged that the reform process "may have started a few years too late". This year, the German U19s had missed the European Championship, the U17 had already failed in the group stage. "In Germany, we often give an idea too good or an idea too bad," said the 56-year-old man about the recent discussion.

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European Championship start against Denmark

For Kuntz, the group match against Denmark (against 21:00 at LIVETICKER) starts on Monday with the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in Italy and San Marino. His team sees the DFB coach tied with other major football nations.

"I consider that the players of our U21 are no worse than those of England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Spain, more excited," said the champion in 1996.

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Kuntz hopes to be confirmed and rewarded at the European Championships with good results. "I would be happy if we could go far and show our talents: we are different, we may not have this crazy speed or this senseless dribble, but the overall set is not worse than the rest of the world, "he said.