Women's World Cup: Sweden win against Chile after a rain break 2

Women's World Cup: Sweden win against Chile after a rain break

The winning goal was followed by the storm: Sweden won their opening match of the World Cup against Chile 2-0 (0-0). The goals of Kosovare Asslani (83 minutes) and Madelen Janogy (90 + 4) fell after a 40-minute break.

From the kickoff, the spectators in Rennes, a city in northern France, were in fact only one image: Sweden combined with up to 70% possession of ball in the ball, around the sixteenth of his opponent, the disciplined defense of Chile.

Although it was only dangerous after three minutes, Javiera Toro scored a cross just before the moment to shoot Sofia Jakobsson in goal. But this was for a long time the only way for the much better Swedes to play.

When things got complicated, Chile's caretaker, Christiane Endler, was at her side. No matter if the deflected head of Linda Sembrant (27th), Stina Blackstenius (39th) head-to-head or the left corner (+54) on a dangerous corner – the goalkeeper of the best club of Paris Saint -Germain did in so that the Chileans can hope to have their first point in the World Cup extended.

In the center: Christiane Endler

Gonzalo Fuentes / REUTERS

In the center: Christiane Endler

Because in Rennes, after about 60 minutes of use and heavy rain and threatening a thunderstorm, referee Lucila Venegas interrupted the match in the 72nd minute due to "conditions". unfavorable weather "for about 40 minutes. The interruption did not change the unfavorable conditions for the Swedes who work tirelessly – until about ten minutes after the resumption, Asllani was able to defeat the powerful finalists for the first time. Shortly before the end of the match, Janogy scored the final score of 2: 0.