Women's World Cup: United States World Champion Wins Record Win Against Thailand 2

Women's World Cup: United States World Champion Wins Record Win Against Thailand

The start of the World Cup USA, world champion against Thailand, has experienced the expected fast race. And not only that: with 13: 0 (3: 0), the game also had a particularly bitter final score for the blatant outsider. Alex Morgan has met five times. In the second match of Group F, Sweden won 2-0 against Chile.

The ball was on goal for the first time in six minutes – but that goal was denied because of an offside. And yet, it was clear at the beginning of what Thailand should adjust: In less than 21 minutes, Morgan (12th minute), Rose Lavelle (20th) and Lindsey Horan (32) scored at halftime.

Samantha Mewis (50.), Morgan (53.), Mewis (54.) and Lavelle (56.) climbed to 7-0 in just six minutes before Morgan scored three goals, four and five (74th, 81st, 87th), Megan Rapinoe (79th), Mallory Pugh (85th) and Carli Lloyd (90th + 2) made the final score perfect.

The United States could have won even higher in this unequal duel. Because: There should have been a penalty twice. In the 24th minute, Mewis was knocked down by Kanjana Sungngoen and shortly before the break, Rattikan Thongsombut was fouling the American Horan. But referee Laura Fortunato and her VAR team continued in both scenes.

Nevertheless, the United States broke the record for the highest victory in the World Cup: in 2007, the DFB team won 11-0 against Argentina.

USA – Thailand 13: 0 (3: 0)

1: 0 Morgan (12th)
2: 0 Lavelle (20th)
3: 0 Horan (32.)
4: 0 Mewis (50th)
5: 0 Morgan (53rd)
6: 0 Mewis (54.)
7: 0 Lavelle (56.)
8-0 Morgan (74.)
9: 0 rapinoe (79.)
10: 0 Morgan (81.)
11: 0 Pugh (85.)
12: 0 Morgan (87.)
13: 0 Lloyd (90. + 2)
United States: Next – O 'Hara, Ertz (69th Pugh), Dahlkemper, Dunn – Horan, Mewis, Lavelle (57th Lloyd) – Rapinoe, Morgan, Heath (57th Press)
Thailand: Charoenying – Phetwiset (70th Srimanee), Saengkoon, Chinwong, Srangthaisong – Phancha, Sungngoen, Boothduang (35th Khuenapet), Intamee, Thongsombut (66th Danga) – Nildhamrong
arbitrator: Laura Fortunato (Argentina)
Yellow cards: – / Dangda