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Football – Spanish League spied by fans – Sports

La Liga wanted to use his app to find out if unlicensed bars are broadcasting football games and will now be punished for doing so. German hockey players lose 0: 8 against Belgium.

Football, Liga: The Spanish Football League has to pay € 250,000 to spy on its fans with its official app. If a user was in a bar, the microphone recorded footage to determine if the local operator was broadcasting unlicensed football games. Spanish ODA felt that it was a serious offense because the application did not inform them adequately about the procedure. La Liga wants to appeal the fine.

hockey, FIH Pro League: The German hockey players celebrated their third win in the FIH Pro League. The Olympic bronze medalist won Wednesday in Krefeld with a score of 2: 1 (0: 1) against Belgium. The Germans then lost the Belgians with a score of 0: 8 (0: 3). Alexander Hendrickx (20./45.), Sebastien Dockier (22./30.), Cédric Charlier (53./55.), Tom Boon (52.) and Victor Wegnez (55.) scored in front of 689 spectators. the world champion. For the ladies, Pia Maertens (56) made the decision. "We believed, otherwise it would not have worked," Duisburg said. Previously, Nike Lorenz (51.) compensated in his 100th international match the first guest guide of Ambre Ballenghien (4th). National team coach Xavier Reckinger consolidated his eighth win of the season with his fourth place on the grid. Only the first four will qualify for the Grand Final in Amsterdam and will also have a starting place for qualifying for the Olympics in late autumn. The men fell back to fifth place in the loss. Sunday, the ladies (12:00) and men (14:30) meet in Australia.

Football, video proof: Despite strong criticism and countless discussions, the German Football Federation (DFB) has found that the use of video evidence during the last Bundesliga season was positive. With technical assistance, 82 erroneous decisions were avoided – 18 more than during the previous test season. "These situations would have been wrongly assessed without the additional support of the Video-Assist-Center in Cologne and, in most cases, would probably have resulted in different gameplay and a different outcome," said Jochen Drees, head of the video at DFB. football in the Bundesliga has become increasingly fair thanks to the work of the video assistants. "Drees judged the 19 incorrect interventions of the video assistants in a differentiated way, because" in the end, it is only in two cases that the referee made an incorrect decision in the stadium. "These few bad decisions must obviously be avoided in the future, "asked the former referee.