Bitcoin, Iota & Co: BTC continues to make progress to reach $ 8,500 2

Bitcoin, Iota & Co: BTC continues to make progress to reach $ 8,500

Bitcoin, Iota & Co: BTC continues to make progress to reach $ 8,500

( – 17:19 pm): Driven by interest rate fantasies, the DAX was particularly able to take advantage of the shorter trading week. The day before, we recorded a 0.44% increase to 12,169.05 points. However, expecting the Fed to loosen the reins of monetary policy could create feelings of division among market participants. The US Federal Reserve will want to avoid giving a direct word to Trump. In the end, it should not seem like Donald Trump has cut interest rates. The anxiety aroused by an artificial delay could leave the fantasies of interest again. The central bank is becoming a dilemma. In the light of the economic data published today in the United States, investment dealers are likely to take advantage of it to know if the Fed could act quickly. Even at the end of the week, investors could once again be safe. New trade disputes are likely over the weekend. Nobody wants to be taken on the wrong foot.

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Bitcoin, Iota & Co: BTC continues to make progress to reach $ 8,500 3


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