Bundesliga: Sky guarantees the rights of retransmission of the word "football" (satire) 2

Bundesliga: Sky guarantees the rights of retransmission of the word "football" (satire)

Football on small (front) and large stage (rear)


Football on small (front) and large stage (rear)

The booming German media circus: One year before the Bundesliga television rights were reallocated, Sky TV operator Amazingly got the exclusive rights to broadcast the word "football". According to insiders, Sky will pay an average amount in the range of three to three figures for the exclusive right to speak on German television and online about "football" over the next four years. Sky wants to conquer competitors like Dazn on the market.

"If they withdraw the rights of the Bundesliga, we will drop their words," said a Sky official. In order to further complicate the transmissions, Sky has also invested in the most common football synonyms: "Pill" and "Sports Number 1" have secured the TV provider as well as "Soccer", "Calcio", "Futbol" and " Zúqiú "(as an investment in the Chinese potential giant market).

"Sky's gesture is extremely unfortunate," said Dazn in a first reaction. "We will of course continue to talk about sports with the twenty-two players and two goals." In return, they got the rights to the words "kick", "flank", "free kick", "penalty area", "offside", "penalty", "penalty" and "goal".

Other reactions seem a bit hasty: the WDR director, Tom Buhrow, took 50 million euros for the sports show in order to talk to the future at least of the "round leather"; WDR viewers, aged 63, on average, are expected to recover.

Sounds like that
Sports transfers with the eleven friends of the future

"Welcome to … uh … to sport with the ball and toes the vertical poles for the tubes.We welcome you to the radio show of match Borussia Dortmund against 1899 Hoffenheim!" To break the defense of Kraichgauer, The hopes of Dortmund rest tonight mainly on the Frei … uh … … the specialist balls rest Marco Reus, who after … … So … after having already put the seven balls … Tapping, that meant I scored, scored seven goals. "

Dortmund in attack, Jadon Sancho on the right, brings Fla … – puts the game machine up and down in the street -… in the … near the set up to reach a point and with a net Reus arrives at the ball, but is inside … stands in … then … between Reus and To … – the Hoffenheim player allowed to use his hands, there is no d & # 39; Another player from Hoffenheim Yes, repulsion, may I say, or? Yes, direct, repulsion, how are you? "

silent voice of the director: "kick belongs to Amazon, hopefully not heard."

Hoffenheim in possession of the ball, Amiri in the middle, leaves one, on a leash two, in the street … near the door … Amiri falls! Is the elf … Stra -… the Hoffenheims have the most promising type of sleeping ball? No, the referee rejects it, Amiri is upset – but that's Fussb … it's this special form of ball sport. "