Kanye West will release several albums in 2019, promises CyHi The Prynce 2

Kanye West will release several albums in 2019, promises CyHi The Prynce

Michael Rubach on the 01.05.2019 – 12:25

If Kanye West does not hold religious fairs, he remains one of the most important players in the fashion market. His Yeezy have turned the heads of sneakers around the world. As soon as Mr. West presents new shoes in public, the hearts of fashion lovers will beat faster. What fans and observers, but now at Kanye's feet to see, was mainly for question marks.

Unfinished prototype? The new "sneaker" from Kanye West

Fans of a more traditional silhouette of sneakers could almost be scared. Kanyes is wearing something that looks like a kind of gray rubber sock. The thin sole and the outer wall have the appearance of being painted directly on Kanye's foot.

Mr. West's latest fashion release looks more like an unfinished prototype than a sophisticated basketball. It could also be a precursor to another Yeezy collection. At the same time, however, hardly anyone would be surprised if Kanye, a creative ghost, already realizes here his complete vision of sneakers.

50 Cent trolls Kanye West

Kanye West kickers invite you to troll. From the start, the beef guru on social media earns 50 cents. Although he does not consider himself a fashion icon, he would never put this Kanye model into life.

The Internet community sees in its shoes some similarities with Peter Pan's fashionable excursions, Zelda's Dragonball or Link characters. Also a scene from the animated film "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" attracts a Twitter user for comparison.

on Twitter

@DESIREDOTINK My guy pulled out the Peter Pan 1.

mpH (2) O on Twitter

@DESIREDOTINK Goku and Vegeta shake them better

Zach Schwartz on Twitter

Kanye is here dressed like Zelda

Young J-O-C on Twitter

@DESIREDOTINK What kind of cloudy with a meatball type chance is this https://t.co/aRHnY03z64

KID MERO on Twitter


Despite these habits, Kanye Yeezys has fundamentally changed the landscape of sneakers. The cool colors of the popular Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 should always be warm whether or not Kanye is back in completely different spheres.

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