National Council for the Prohibition of Homo-Healer Treatments for Minors 2

National Council for the Prohibition of Homo-Healer Treatments for Minors

National conference room
Parliamentary Direction / Johannes Zinner

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The Austrian National Council now has a majority of deputies
a ban on conversion therapies for young people. The application was also supported by
The deputies of the ÖVP. The praise comes from LGBT organizations.

The motion for a resolution has been in Parliament since December

Mario Lindner, spokesperson of the SPÖ for openly gay equality and federal president of the SoHo Social Democratic LGBT initiative, has already submitted a resolution in December 2018 following the TeenSTAR affair. Until now, the turquoise blue coalition has prevented the vote on the issue.

But now, the motion has been accepted in the game of free forces with the votes of the ÖVP. In this document, the National Council calls on the federal government to "immediately submit to the National Council a government bill to prohibit the use of conversion and" restorative therapies "for minors".

Lindner is delighted that there is finally a parliamentary majority

"It's a
immense success after many discussions, negotiations and
Parliamentary issues through us today finally a majority behind the
Prohibition of homo-healers in Austria, "says Lindner proudly.
"Especially in the week of the EuroPride in Vienna, politics finally confesses

It is pleased that after "months and years of absolute blockade", members of the ÖVP have decided to support the abolition of conversion therapies in Austria: "We would have It was almost a year ago, when the practices of the TeenSTAR sexology club were discussed publicly, but better than ever! "

HOSI Salzburg, who presented the TeenSTAR practices for the first time, is also pleased with the result of the vote. "Conversion therapies are simulated therapies that endanger the psychosocial health of children and adolescents, and their harmfulness has been scientifically proven, and therapists, therapists, and organizations practicing or promoting these practices must be held accountable." said HOSI Salzburg President Josef Lindner.