South American Championship: Neymar football star fails 2

South American Championship: Neymar football star fails

SNeymar now has a great performance away from the grass. Dozens of police protect the striker of Paris Saint-Germain when he must testify before the authorities on the controversial rape charges according to a Brazilian model. It's his own game that Neymar is playing in Brazil these days. It has nothing to do with football and Copa America. The Neymar miss because of a leg injury suffered during the friendly match against Qatar. And yet, from the night of Friday to Saturday (2:30 CEST) at the São Paulo South America Championship, the future of Neymar and its role in the Seleção will also be discussed.

For a few days, he is relatively quiet in the hearts room of the Brazilian national team. No ads, no staging. No helicopter landed in the training center and spew the superstar strangely closed. Instead of daily telenovelas on the models, Instagram messages and police interrogations, sober tactical discussions and video analyzes characterize the inner workings of the Seleção. While Neymar is fighting for his reputation on the country's screens, the Morumbi national team will try to influence the country's mood to lead the team through the three-week tournament. A first convincing victory against the non-flagrant Bolivian is the first goal.

Internal earthquake of the team

National coach Tite caused an earthquake within the team even before the rape charges against Neymar were revealed to him, as he deprived his star striker of his captaincy because of his incessant escapades and transferred them to Dani Alves. Jenem Alves, who, with his 36 years now, has experienced everything that football can offer. Some whistles from Brazilian fans, who think it's not fast enough on the outside lane. For Neymar, his demotion is a first warning: it can be done without him if necessary.

The internal rise of the Alves team is a political decision. One that could still be dangerous for Neymar. Because if this newly formed Seleção works at the Copa America without his superstar. With Roberto Firmino freshly decorated the title of the Champions League, when Gabriel Jesus and the young Ajax striker David Neres met. If goalkeeper Alisson Becker also matures in the national jersey to the personality to which he has already grown up in Anfield. Then, the Brazilian public will wonder if it would be better to give up the extravagant but unsuccessful superstar of the national jersey.

To date, Neymar has never played semifinals, world cups or Copa America. Sometimes it was an injury, a lock or just a light game that prevented him from staying in the sporting arenas in which he had long been a social media star. Purely sporty, the combination Neymar / Seleção is a disappointment. That's why the tournament is also a great opportunity for coach Tite: if he wins the title, he has a threat potential to discipline Neymar. If he loses, the failure of Neymar provides the excuse.