The old Queen's villa in Malta is sold 2

The old Queen's villa in Malta is sold

Valletta (dpa) – The former home of Queen Elizabeth (93) in Malta is for sale. Villa Guardamangia, today rather dilapidated, is offered in a real estate agency for nearly six million euros.

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In the house, Elizabeth lived with her husband, Prince Philip, between 1949 and 1951, because Philip was assigned to the Navy as a naval officer.

"Yes, the house is for sale," Astrid Vella confirmed Friday of the FAA culture protection organization of the German news agency. The organization is committed to preserving the villa, which has been steadily declining for years. "The FAA is delighted that Villa Guardamangia is on the market and is calling on property owners and the Maltese Cultural Heritage Agency to enter into an agreement before the building continues to deteriorate."

It was "of utmost importance" that the historic building be restored and made available to the public as a museum. It is part of the "National Memory", a museum would be a pole of unique tourist attraction. The house is privately owned. Finally, an elderly woman lived there.

Malta has experienced an economic boom in recent years. However, critics have repeatedly said that the small EU country cares little about cultural heritage and focuses instead on large construction projects and profits.

The Queen came to Malta in 2015 for the Commonwealth meeting. At that time, she said that the view of the villa was "rather sad".

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