How Bitcoin & Co. are evolving today | message 2

How Bitcoin & Co. are evolving today | message

The price in Bitcoin is now 8 679,73 USD, against 8 697,59 USD the day before.

The Bitcoin spot price fell to $ 419.10 from the Bitcoin spot price, after reaching $ 421.34 the day before.


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The Ethereum course is stronger than the day before. Currently, an Ethereum is worth $ 263.66. Yesterday the price was $ 263.61.

The price in Litecoin could earn $ 135.29 today. In contrast, a price was $ 132.60 the day before.

The purchase price is $ 0.4047 on Saturdays. The purchase price climbed above the level of 0.44041 USD reached the day before.

The Cardano price rose to 0.0919 US dollar. The day before, crypto was worth US $ 0.0894.

The Monero is worth $ 92.95 on Saturdays. So, the price of Monero rose compared to the day before when it was still at $ 89.21.

The IOTA course is presented with the green letter compared to the previous day. More recently, IOTA rose to 0.4304 USD.

The price of the Verge is now 0.0089 USD, against 0.0087 USD the previous day.

The Stellar price is up from the previous day at $ 0.1522. There was $ 0.244 left on the track.

The NEM price is trading at $ 0.0848 more. The day before, the price was $ 0.0846.

The Dash price is $ 152.78. The day before the Dash rose to $ 153.18.

NEO has moved. At noon, the price of NEO reached $ 14.14, after reaching $ 13.10 the day before.