Queen Elizabeth II: in celebration! For another birthday, she mixes again with people 2

Queen Elizabeth II: in celebration! For another birthday, she mixes again with people

This woman can not be falsified! Despite exhausting weeks full of meetings and important appointments, Queen Elizabeth has not failed to celebrate the birthday of a close friend.

It's like a royal marathon that Queen Elizabeth (93) has done in recent weeks. After his legendary country feast at Buckingham Palace, after a several-day visit by Donald Trump (72) and his wife Melania (49), the 75th birthday celebrations of D-Day and the 78th birthday of his cousin Lady Elizabeth Anson were expected the British head of state came to surprise the residents of Notting Hill. And of course, do not forget the annual "Trooping the Color" parade and the birthday of her husband, Prince Philip (98).

For the last time the queen broke her own rules, we show you in the video above.

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The next birthday party

A very tight program! However, the queen seems to be doing as little as her 93 year old. Instead of resting, the monarch found himself again among the guests of a party. As reported by the British Daily Mail, she celebrated her 80th birthday at the prestigious London Royal Automobile Club on Thursday, June 13 with her close friend, former Formula 1 racer Sir Jackie Stewart.

Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Jackie Stewart

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Queen Elizabeth and Sir Jackie Stewart (here 2003) have a long-standing friendship

The two men are bound by a friendship of ten years. The triple world champion maintains close ties with the royal family. Princess Anne (68) has not only written the preface to her biography, but Helen, Stewart's wife, is also the godmother of Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips (38). In 2001, the Scotsman was knighted by the Queen and since then, he can call himself "Sir". No wonder then that the monarchy did not fail to celebrate this big day with his boyfriend.

In the video, you see Queen Elizabeth from an unusually mischievous side:


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