Bitcoin - start on the 10,000 | message 2

Bitcoin – start on the 10,000 | message

symbol_asien_emergingThe Bitcoin rally continues. In the medium term, we continue to focus on rising prices at Bitcoin. The first milestone of $ 10,000 is within our reach. With the new Facebook bookstore, the next attempt could be launched on Tuesday. Investors have a number of options to bet on rising bitcoin prices. at Activtrades trade CFDs on four crypto-candies with a professional platform. at eToro You can buy the coins "physically" without using them and deposit them in their wallet. For a long-term investment, the best choice. You continue to be involved in the Bitcoin group via actions. The stock of the biggest German Bitcoin-Brse is not particularly favorable, but also benefits from a boom of cryptography and is therefore in Brsen as gettex / brse munich very popular.

Finally, we want to take a look at the dark side of the crypto boom …

The dark sides of the blockchain

E-government, carpooling or crypto-cooking: the blockchain brings into play new economic models and allows innovative applications. But where there is light, there is also darkness.

The two experts designated Blockchain, Robert Schwertner, responsible for the commercial development of the European platform blockchain,, and Professor Alfred Taudes, scientific director of the WU research institute for cryptography, have therefore examined closer to the dark side of one of the most promising technologies of the twenty-first century. ,

It's not only true that fans are beginning to believe that Blockchain will play a central role in many areas of the economy and daily life in the near future, including providing secure data or cross-referencing. . The explosion of the crypto-bitcoin course has earned 2017 2017 a huge interest in technology and daring speculation. The ensuing crash was caused by terror and by the attention to Blockchain's real sense and chances.

In the public debate, the focus is usually on the benefits and varied applications of technology, but there are also dark sides and developments that are not necessarily positive:

Blockchain as a religion

For Robert Schwertner, an expert in blockchain applications, who is developing strategies for dealing with blockchain technology as a management consultant to large companies around the world, the exaggerated belief in the blockchain is a major aberration, sometimes even understood as a religion. But it is wrong to believe that this technology, certainly excellent, can solve the majority of the problems of the economy and society. Only now, we understand little by little what can and can not really be done, adds Professor Alfred Taues, Scientific Director of the WU Cryptography Research Institute and speaker of the new short program of the WU Executive Academy. Blockchain Transforming BusinessHe sees here a parallel with the development of the Internet in the early 90s.

Money traf fi c and digital divide

If the blockchain succeeds for example in terms of financial traffic, it may mean that some layers of the population are no longer able to participate. Without a computer and Internet access, nothing will work, explains Schwertner. Taudes also sees the digital divide as a problem. The dreams that you can develop in the third world with crypto-treatments are naive. Without electricity and without a mobile phone, this is not possible.

Bitcoin and the Darknet

High energy consumption and the use of Bitcoin transactions for criminal activities such as drug trafficking are other drawbacks for Alfred Taudes.

If any rule an illegal trade via cryptocurrency, for example in the darknet, the mandatory verification of authorized persons at the time of opening the bank account will be omitted and bank transfers will also be made without any control measure of the intermediary bank. But the problems that arise are overestimated. Thus, even the normal banking system would consume resources and the possibilities of carrying out illegal transactions would be limited, especially since bank controls during the exchange of crypto-software would be effective. In addition, the authorities are now able to efficiently analyze blockchain transactions to identify addresses with problematic origins.

New kind of war wars

The Blockchain creates some possibilities to break free from previous systems or to develop them, which could lead to dangerous counter currents. In Venezuela, many people only pay with Bitcoin, the mighty is not such a development, of course, called Taudes an example. Conflicts between those who want to consolidate the status quo and users of new applications also see Robert Schwertner as a dark side of the blockchain. This can lead to wars. Tensions may also exist between states when block chains are influenced and a new type of war threatens.

Chaos by total decentralization

Robert Schwertner, also known in the block chain community as CryptoRobby, sees for example the exaggerated hope of decentralization as a weak point. We live in a real world, not in an ideal world. The total decentralized use of the Blockchain network will not come, as this would lead to chaos. In addition, many currents are already recognizable, leading instead to a centralization in the development of the blockchain. Swordsman agrees with Alfred Taudes: Needless to say, although the code is open source, only a few developers give the information they prefer.

In any case, Robert Schwertner has no way around the blockchain: we will very soon live in a world where this technology will be important, regardless of Bitcoin. Alfred Taudes can only agree with that. A certain euphoria is not bad in this respect, because it is now a question of trying concrete applications.

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