Louis van Gaal: criticism of Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona - FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL 2

Louis van Gaal: criticism of Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

Louis van Gaal again stated that he was not a fan when the game of a team is tactically suited to a player. For example, he named the two exceptional players Lionel Messi and Neymar.

In an interview with the Spanish daily El Pais, the Dutchman said: "Look at Barcelona How many Champions League titles have you won with what they call the best player in the world? Look at Neymar at PSG. Champions League titles have the French won? I love Neymar and Messi solo and not in team.I think there is nothing more important in a team sport than a player's. team! "

For him, football is a team sport and not an individual sport, continues van Gaal: "In Spain, we sometimes forget it because they have stars, I mean, the star has to help. team to win, but it's not common in the world of football. "

Asked that it is the individuality of Messi that Barcelona has not won the Champions League since 2015, van Gaal responds: "I am neither in the cabin nor in training in Barcelona. I love Messi solo, he's the best player in the world, his statistics are amazing, but why has Barcelona not won the Champions League in recent years? must be wondering why the team does not win in Europe Barça have a wonderful team – you can not say that Rakitic is bad or Coutinho is bad or that Alba is a bad player or Ter Stegen is a bad guy bad goalkeeper or that Arthur or Vidal are bad.I think that Messi is also responsible for what is happening in Barcelona.Not only the coach.The players have an important part of responsibility in what is happening in the team. "

It seems that Barcelona lacks adequate structures, says van Gaal: "I think Messi has to adapt to the team and not the other way around." Guardiola let the spirit of the team play, but the latest coaches have focused too much on Messi instead of protecting the team spirit. "

Van Gaal also mentions the player who, in his opinion, was the best player of last season's team: "James Milner (Liverpool, Red.) In the final of the Champions League, he played as Defender and midfielder, it's great that he can do that at 33 years old. "