British F-35 fighters perform missions from Cyprus, Syria and Iraq News 2

British F-35 fighters perform missions from Cyprus, Syria and Iraq News

The UK's most advanced military aircraft, the F-35B Lightning, made its first missions over Syria and Iraq as part of ongoing operations against the group's remnants Islamic states, announced the British Defense Minister.

Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt said in a statement released that the first operational jet aircraft mission had been carried out by a British air force base in Cyprus, after extremely hard training. successful.

"Your first operational mission is an important step in the future of Britain," said Mordaunt.

Six F-35B aircraft from 617 Squadron, piloted by three Royal Navy members and three Royal Air Force pilots, arrived at RAF Akrotiri on May 21 for a six-week deployment as part of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Lightning Dawn exercise.

The British Army said it was not planned for the aircraft to carry out combat missions during its stay at RAF Akrotiri.

But it was decided that you were ready to make your operational debut as part of Operation Shader – the British contribution to the fight against the group of Islamic states – because of your "extraordinary achievement".

The official said the plane would not have guns if you were flying next to Typhoon jets during missions over Syria and Iraq.

The F-35 is the first aircraft to associate a radar bypassing stealth technology with supersonic speeds and the ability to perform short takeoffs and vertical landings.

The 617 Squadron jet aircraft deployed this fall aboard the new British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, for a series of operational tests. The tests are to be conducted off the east coast of the United States in anticipation of the first deployment of the aircraft by a carrier, scheduled for 2021.

The United Kingdom now has 17 F-35B aircraft and plans to purchase a total of 138 aircraft.

According to Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II website, the British industry builds 15% of the more than 3,000 jet planes it's planned to build. British officials said the program had already generated $ 12.9 billion worth of orders and would support thousands of British jobs in the manufacturing and engineering sectors at peak times .

Date Updated: June 25, 2019 01:22