Forbes List: Taylor Swift won the most 2

Forbes List: Taylor Swift won the most

Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 8:36 pm

American singer Taylor Swift (29) earns about $ 185 million a year. She won more in 2017 than other famous colleagues.

Forbes List: Taylor Swift won the most

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Taylor Swift has a proud annual income of about $ 185 million. This corresponds to the equivalent of 164 million euros. According to the American magazine "Forbes", she is the celebrity with the highest incomes in the world. Taylor wins more than superstars like Kanye West (42) with 150 million dollars or Ed Sheeran (28) with 110 million dollars.

The country singer is for the second time part of the number one of the 100 highest paid celebrities in the world. Already in 2016, the United States of America ranked first on the list. According to the magazine "Forbes", the singer "Love Story" derives the essential of its income through tours. Last year, boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather (42) took the top spot on the list. His annual income was $ 285 million. But this time he was not even in the top 100.

Forbes List: Taylor Swift won the most 3


Sebastian Vettel only German

Sebastian Vettel (32), the only German, has an annual income of 40.3 million dollars. It occupies only 86th place.

More recently, the musician made the headlines, as he angrily expressed the sale of his former label "Big Machine". The label was bought by the manager of Justin Bieber (25), Scooter Braun (38). (DPA / KT)

Forbes Rich List 2019: Top 10

Taylor Swift: $ 185 million
Kylie Jenner: $ 170 million
Kanye West: $ 150 million
Lionel Messi: $ 127 million
Ed Sheeran: $ 110 million
Cristiano Ronaldo: $ 109 million
Neymar: $ 105 million
The Eagles: $ 100 million
Psychologist on American television dr. Phil: 95 million dollars
Boxer Canelo Alvarez: $ 94 million