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HSV: Off for the hymn of Lotto "Hamburg, my pearl" | Good king News – Sports

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Lotto King Karl (left) and Carsten Pape sing the VHS anthem in the Volksparkstadion.

Football second division Hamburger SV breaks with its traditions. In the new season preceding the home games in HSV anthem "Hamburg, my pearl" of the Lotto King Karl Volksparkstadion, will not sound again. "We have come to the conclusion that the song that has accompanied us for many years, in the current situation, no longer corresponds to HSV and our attitude," said CEO Bernd Hoffmann Thursday.

Lotto King Karl also more stadium announcer

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The legendary HSV stadium clock will be dismantled. "We want to align ourselves with the future," said CEO Hoffmann. In the criticism is also the song "Hamburg, my pearl".

"We are very grateful for Lotto King's exceptional service to HSV and I would like to thank Lotto for his performances at our home games – of course, also for Carsten Pape," Hoffmann said. "There will be no live concerts recurring in the future.

King Karl Lotto, the bourgeois Gerrit Heesemann, is no longer a stadium announcer. He had taken up his post in 2005. "It was a great honor to work for this club, it's a long time for fourteen years, I did not even go to school that long," writes the musician on the Internet: " So I go to the other side of the game fence.

In the hymn of the influential "Supporters Club" had recently criticized. The fan club considers the text obsolete. "Let's be honest, Bremen left us for years, always beat us in the end, when it mattered and we sang:" … nothing prevents you from arriving here, "he said.

Hoffmann: "Concentrate more on football

In the next few days will be the Stadium clock disassembled. This had indicated the duration of affiliation to the Bundesliga until the descent of Hamburg 2018, then the club's existence period founded in 1887. Hoffmann said: "The time has come to change We want to focus in a visible way on the future, and more on the current football on the day of the match, "Hoffmann said. The look on the stadium screens will be "noticeably more dynamic and cooler", it would be the "club colors in the foreground," says the HSV home page.

The HSV team for the 2019/2020 season

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