Kanye West Plans Homes for the Homeless - Star Wars Style 2

Kanye West Plans Homes for the Homeless – Star Wars Style

Michael Rubach the 26.06.2019 – 12:18

Kanye West's collaboration with Adidas can be described as a tremendous success. For years, Kanye has brought many of his Yeezy sneakers to the public and created a source of money that can not be lost. Adidas' business for Kanye is now revealed in a New York Times article.

An insider reveals Kanye West's agreement with Adidas

However, most of NYT's story is not Kanye West, but a supposed problem of diversity at Adidas. Less than 4.5% of the North American Giant Sport's employees are black. The members of this group also feel discriminated against according to the report.

Kanye appears in the article as an example of prominent black artists representing Adidas in public. The text provides almost lightly the framework data for Kanye's Adidas operation. As a result, Mr. West receives 5% of the net sales of his Yeezy brand. The NYT refers to a person from the restricted circle of Adidas. This has a detailed knowledge of Kanye's business relationship.

The report estimates Yeezy's expected sales of $ 1.3 billion in 2019. This would mean that Kanye would only pay about $ 65 million through this deal. Not included here are other profit agreements that may exist between artists and companies.

Will Kanye West end up fulfilling his prophecy?

If you look at these figures, some of Kanye's statements of the spring of 2018 are at least not totally meaningless. At that time, Kanye tweeted that he was the highest paid person in the sneaker business.

you on Twitter

I am currently the best paid person in the shoe. That means I earn more money in shoes than Michael Jordan.

This is probably not the case until today, as former basketball star Michael Jordan, thanks to his collaboration with Nike for $ 100 million a year, such as, among others, Forbes magazine Out of order.

Kanye also set big goals in 2018. He will extend Yeezy to "the largest clothing company in the history of humanity", it was also on Twitter. The next few years will show if Kanye really succeeds in this stage.

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there is a lot of false news, so I just wanted to give you the facts. Yeezy wants to become the largest garment company in human history by working with the highest level of engineering. I hired the manager of the Gap supply chain.

Jay-Z is already at another level:

Jay-Z is the first billionaire hip-hop, according to Forbes

Jay-Z is not a businessman, it's a business, dude – every child knows it. It is now clear that he is the first hip-hop artist to weigh more than a billion dollars. That's at least what Forbes wrote, which, in his own words, "cautiously" estimated and calculated with precision: Clearly, Jay-Z is the first billionaire of hip-hop.

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