Didier Deschamps, coach of France, on Tuchel, Ribery, Pavard and Coman - FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL 2

Didier Deschamps, coach of France, on Tuchel, Ribery, Pavard and Coman – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

Raw text of the coach of the world champion!

The French national coach Didier Deschamps (50 years old) speaks in an interview with SPORT Good king News (current issue) of Paris Saint-Germain's performance with the German coach Thomas Tuchel, he analyzes the career of Franck Ribéry and comments Benjamin Pavard's passage to Bayern and analyzes the evolution of Kingsley Coman.

Deschamps on Tuchel

How do you judge the situation of Thomas Tuchel at PSG?

Didier Deschamps: "The end of the season has been very complicated for Paris, but Tuchel's human and technical skills have always been emphasized PSG's results are as they are – it's not for me to judge. It is clear: in such an association, the bar is always very high, the expectations are high and will be even greater during the next season.I have not known Tuchel for so long, but I have good relationship with him, see what he does and what he says gives a very positive impression. "

Tuchel has "only" the championship with PSG. Is this enough for the ambitions of the club?

"Oh, you can always do everything better, Tuchel and many others too, but should the Parisian season be bankrupt?" Do people also talk about Barcelona, ​​Bavaria, Real, Juventus? Because these clubs have not won the Champions League, those who do not win all the titles can improve for logical reasons.Anyone who has won everything can not do it easily.Paris is one of the seven, eight teams that legitimately claim to win the Champions League. "

Does Tuchel's work help French football?

"I do not want to paint a caricature here, but it is often said that German trainers are stricter and require more discipline.For me, Tuchel has an image of warmth and closeness, whether against the players or the media. He is just as he is, just like Jürgen Klopp has his own style, so important for Tuchel: He is fluent in the local language, and if that is not the case, it will be difficult – no matter where you work. "

Deschamps on Pavard

How do you feel about changing your world champion Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart to Bayern?

"It will be a radical change for him!" He had a very difficult season with the Stuttgart, who have unfortunately been relegated, and now he is playing in a very big club with the highest European level, where there is a lot of competition. He has everything to succeed in Bayern, I expect that all French internationals will prove their success every day, the only way to get closer to the international level. "

Deschamps on Ribery

Franck Ribéry left Bayern after twelve years. How do you see his career?

"He was one of the mainstays of Bayern and he had great success, he is very attached to this club and Bayern has done a lot for him and Franck has found the ideal club for him and the Bavarians will always be grateful to him. He could have had an even better career if he had played in the national team any longer, but his career is a success, perhaps the most handsome Frenchman in Germany, given the number of titles in only him. "

Deschamps about Coman

How does Kingsley Coman evolve from your point of view?

"Of course he has no career at 23 in Ribery, but he has already won eight league titles in France, Italy and Germany, and faces a great future, Kingsley has overcome a hill. He is more decisive and has discovered the train at the door and he takes care of the physical effort. "

Deschamps on the development of the German national team

Joachim Löw razed three stars after the embarrassing round of the World Cup and the descent of the League of Nations with Thomas Müller, Mats Hummels and Jérôme Boateng. Did he surprise you?

"Sometimes a coach has to make decisions and Joachim Löw was in such a situation.You must also stop players who have gained experience and merit.This is not easy Such decisions are not Never popular, but as a coach, you must also respect them.If Löw made that decision, it's because he was convinced of it. "

Is not it risky?

"Of course, the successors can not have either the experience or the level of the elders.Loew knows that everything depends on the results.If they are good, he did everything correctly.If otherwise, they say that the decision was wrong, but he knows the details that you and I do not know that only he and his coaching staff possess.These decisions are always made in relation to an entire group. "

Which players can lead Germany to the top?

"Germany is supporting a new generation led by Kroos and Kimmich, Gnabry is one of those aspiring boys with a lot of potential, but you can not expect him to do the same. something that Thomas Müller for ten years. "

The detailed interview can be read in the latest issue of SPORT Good king News – available in store. Deschamps also talks about the title won last year, French superstar Kylian Mbappé and the 2020 European Championship.