Start of the regional league: that is why the new season is so exciting - football 2

Start of the regional league: that is why the new season is so exciting – football

While the stars of the Bundesliga are still struggling to get ready, there are still four floors lower than points!

From today, the fourth best German league will be launched again! Regionalliga Bayern starts with the FV Illertissen duel against FC Memmingen. Starting from 26.7. then depart to the west, southwest, north-east and north of Regionalligen.

Although only sporting fourth, it is worth taking a look at Regionalligen for football fans. Good king News gives you four reasons why the new regional league season will be particularly exciting!

Traditional clubs

Regional leagues are full of football tradition!

In the west, two former Bundesliga clubs met in Aachen and Essen. In 2015, 30,000 spectators clashed on the Tivoli of Aachen – until today, a record for the 4th league. Even the south-west, with Offenbach and Saarbrücken, offers big names of clubs.

The highlight of the North East: Energie Cottbus with coach Pele Wollitz (53), who after the dramatic relegation of the third division immediately want to go back!

The derbies

If you like passionate duels between local rivals, you can not beat the regional leagues!

With its many oriental clubs, the Regionalliga Nordost is of course the highlight of derby fans. In particular, the urban duel between Leipzig and Lübie Leipzig brings a lot of fuel – on and off the pitch!

Chemistry vs Lok, it means above all links against the right! For the police, the Derby is one of the toughest bets of the year. Chemistry ventilate the left, locomotive fans assign the right spectrum. After the rise of chemistry, the two clubs play again in a league

The Derby Classic in the South West is the Kickers Offenbach against FSV Frankfurt. Traditionally, Offenbach supporters travel about 8 km until the FSV stadium on Bornheimer Hang.

Bundesliga fans can look forward to Regionalliga West, where the Schalke and BVB U23 teams meet. The little neighborhood derby!

Big names

Lewandowski is now in the Regionalliga looking for goals! You do not think so? This is true!

Since 2018, Poland's Mateusz Lewandowski (20) has stormed CFB Dynamo. However, he is not tied to Robert Bayern star Robert – and has less success. Last season, he scored 18 times in the Regionalliga Nordost, not a single shot …

Even in the West, there is a name never seen before for large-scale football: Christian Titz (48/2018), former coach of HSV, wants to lead Rot-Weiss Essen in 3rd league.

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Photo: Revierfoto

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Jörn Nowak (sports director RWE / l.), Christian Titz mr. and Markus Uhlig (chair)Photo: Revierfoto

The most brutal promotion battle

No promotion in Germany is as difficult to prepare as that of the Regionalliga in the 3rd division. The culprit is the unusual mode!

From the north of Regionalligen, Bavaria and the south-west only win the champions of the 3rd league. It is even heavier in the west and northeast. The champions of these two leagues play in home and away matches between them the third and final promotion.

Theoretically, teams from these leagues can win every game of the season – and in the end, they will not go up!

Leagues that send a mountaineer to the summit and where there is still a playoff are drawn before each season.