That's the name of each model 2

That's the name of each model

Kanye West, rapper, producer and designer, has created with Adidas a true cult shoe with his Yeezys. Everyone wants them, not all of them – because they are always quickly exhausted. In recent months, Adidas and West have launched a new offensive and released several new models. And here too, it's striking: the names of Yeezy are very particular. No wonder, there is little or nothing that touches Kanye West, somewhat ordinary. But what could the names mean? The Highsnobiety page looked more closely at the different model names. (Also interesting: this is how you recognize the fake Yeezy.)


Tephra is the Greek word for ashes – and also represented in the Yeezys. Tephra refers to items ejected from a volcano during an eruption.


The word "analog" means roughly similar, corresponding or comparable. An analog signal is in the technical field for a continuous and continuous path signal. Maybe the musician and producer West also wanted to refer to music – here we also distinguish analog (eg LP) and digital (MP3).


Antlia is a constellation south of the celestial equator. In Latin, Antlia means pump. This constellation takes its name because it looks like an air pump.


The name Vanta probably refers to Vantablack, a substance based on carbon nanotubes that absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light, making it the "darkest" black. The material was developed by Nanosystems in Great Britain.


Inertia means inertia – which can be interpreted both as a description of the character and as a physical phenomenon. In physics, inertia means that physical bodies try to stay in their state of motion as long as they are not subject to any external force.


The beluga is a type of whitefish, also known as Delphinapterus leucas. The adjective associated refers to the color of the animal. And as you can see, the name did not seem to matter here. Because this Yeezy is gray instead of white. (Read also: Kanye West wins so much with her Yeezys.)


Wakame is a brown seaweed often used in dried form in Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Maybe you know the menu?


Moonrock means Moonrock – but also has another meaning: the name is also used to refer to a special kind of potent marijuana. Among other things, the flower is sprinkled with oil and then dried.


As a peyote, several species of cacti are called. In common use, this is called a drug obtained from cactus leaves with psychedelic effect.

Burnt sienna

Sienna is a yellowish brown (Raw Sienna) or reddish-brown (Burnt Sienna) shade.

Onyx Shade

Onyx is a mineral composed of different layers of colors.


Geode is a term of geology and mineralogy that is not used uniformly. Thus, on the one hand, it is a cavity delimited by an outer layer of rock; on the other hand, it is also a filling in mineral or fossil substances, resulting from various geological processes.


Mauve refers to the color of the mauve – a French plant whose hue is defined as reddish purple.


Synth is the short form of synthesizer, an electronic musical instrument.


The hyperspace usually refers to the extension of the traditional space. In science fiction, hyperspace represents a space-time continuum in which it is possible to move faster than light.


The Lundmark is an eroded crater at the bottom of the moon.