Trainee. Trakehner Bundesturnier: Anniversary Collection! 2

Trainee. Trakehner Bundesturnier: Anniversary Collection!

Saturday night, July 27, the famous festival Bundesturnier foal auction Outdoors in Hanover a small birthday: the offers of the 15th edition Top quality of Raw Foals 2019 and lures as a culmination of the Trakehner Federal tournament in the Equestrian stadium in the heart of the capital of Lower Saxony! More than 20 elite foals with top pedigrees for sport and breeding are part of the collection, which has been gathering rally dates throughout the federal state after a strict selection.

The bar is high: 20 former foals bidding at national tournaments were celebrated at the age of two as licensed stallions, including two as winners and three as stallions. reserve. To the mares greet next to the officiant Trakehner Bundessiegerin and the Trakehner Queen Elizabeth II winning broodmare and many premium mares.

The Anniversary Auction catalog includes 15 foals and nine hens, all typed, with sporting pedigrees and modern movement qualities. With three foals each, the High Motion bulls, exceptional winner of his performance test, and Freiherr von Stein, winner of the series in the class of M. class horse training. The stallion winner, His Moment, sends two offspring, the starred father Millennium and the often victorious S White BreadAbout a dozen fathers and damsels collectible foals even succeed during difficult exams, the younger stallions according to their age following advanced exams until class M. The pedigrees of training stressed present, among other things, Trakehner Bulls love helium and Ivanhoe Along with big carats tested like Imperio, Axis, Kentucky and call of heart. For friends of versatility too, foals are auctioned, their genes guarantee talent and aptitude for success. Fathers as the winner of the jumping of obstacles, Davidas, the Trakehner The jumping champion Tecumseh or Adorator, who has already passed the jump and dressage up to the M class, will send small jewels to the auction. The foals will be presented for the first time on Friday at 16:00 and on Saturday afternoon at 12:00 and on Saturday evening at 19:30, the auction will begin with the auctioneer. Volker Raulf,

Save the Date: The last weekend of July, the moment has come: welcome to the 15th international edition Trakehner Bundesturnier from 25 to 28 July in the Equestrian stadium Hanover-Vahrenheide!

The catalog can immediately on the Trakehner The shop can be ordered on Delivery is from July 18th.
the birthday collection with pedigrees, photos and videos will be online from July 11 on and the auction foals are always up to date Facebook and Instagram before.