Trump comments on Bitcoin and Libra 2

Trump comments on Bitcoin and Libra

Tweet negative about Bitcoin

As is often the case, the President of the United States, Donald, informed
Trump the world on his views via Twitter. What he had to say this time
shook the global Bitcoin community and leaves little room for interpretation.

The President found some clear words and put himself completely
clear against crypto-currencies, especially bitcoin. These are his views
very volatile and have almost no equivalent. In addition, Trump hired
Crypto-currencies close to criminal activities, a reproach almost the same age
is like Bitcoin itself.

The president also commented on the US dollar. It is
the only true national currency and also more dominant than ever in the world
before. That will remain so in the future, wrote Trump.

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Is the president against Libra?

The Facebook planned Stablecoin with the name Balance came
also not good way. Trump commented on this in a second attached
Tweet. The US president believes that Facebook has full responsibility
must do.

If you want to act as a bank with Libra, then you have to
You can also face all the regulatory requirements of a bank, says Trump.
With that, the president commented on a topic, what about the last days and
Weeks was hotly discussed.

Because Libra has what it takes to become a global cryptocurrency
The regulatory conditions are one of the most critical points. if
With liberation, you would have not only national, but also international, framework conditions
suffice accordingly.

Is Trump right?

The president removes certain facts. It also likes the
It's a fact that a tweet can make way for a short message
and not for an entire lecture. The US dollar can and will be arbitrary

Trump criticizes the value of Bitcoin and forgets that
non-existent value of the dollar. What should the value be based on here,
except in the belief that it is worth something?

After all, Bitcoin has a network and its value is next to
speculative elements – at least in the service provided by minors
is provided. They allow international transactions across all borders and
Obstacles and in a relatively short time.

And this is just one of the many reasons why Bitcoin is the dollar
is superior.

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Elites feel the change

Even if one or the other analyst is now working internally
The courses go to the sewer. The tweet of the American president is a
good sign. The US dollar may be dominant, but everyone depends on it
The problems and proverbial misery of the world.

It may be utopian to expect Bitcoin to be the dollar
replaces. The potential to awaken people and to make sure that
but they always question the power relations of Bitcoin
always with him.

Why is the president commenting on this? Very probable
because you have noticed "at the top" that something is moving, which is not done with the
usual ways to control.

The US dollar, which the US president has hired, is dominant,
but can not maintain this position if humanity rejects it
allowed. All you have to do is get out of the classic banking system
go out.