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In Spain, all-season tires are becoming more and more popular –

Every quarter, Rezulteo analyzes the behavior of users of country-specific country pages from Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the United States. Germany and Poland. And that 's the result for the period from April to June 2019: Overall, most tire comparison portal users were interested in summer tires.

In France, 65% of the products selected were summer tires and 29% were all-season tires. As a result, all-weather tires in the second quarter declined slightly (minus 2%). In Germany, the traditional change to summer tires is still done. At 66%, German users were mainly interested in this type of tire. After all, seven percent learned about winter products. All-weather tires have often been chosen with 26%.

In Spain, all-season tires are becoming more and more popular. They accounted for 42% of selected tires and reached almost the summer tire level with 52%. This trend is similar to the behavior of Italian users on the Italian tire comparison portal website: 34% chose models all year round during the evaluation period. Turkey is the only "country of Rezulteo" where yearlings were not as popular as elsewhere. The tire type was selected by 15% of users and summer tires accounted for 73%.

The three most selected tire brands in Germany were Goodyear, followed by Continental and Pirelli. In France, it was Michelin followed by Goodyear and Bridgestone. In Italy, Goodyear followed by Bridgestone and Michelin. In the Netherlands, most users clicked on Goodyear. Then Continental and Michelin followed. In Poland, Goodyear recorded the highest number of clicks, followed by Bridgestone and Dunlop. In Spain, Michelin, then Goodyear and Bridgestone. Goodyear was favored in Turkey, followed by Continental, then Michelin. In the United Kingdom, Goodyear was also the most consulted, followed by Michelin and Continental.

In Germany, the most clicked tire is the Continental PremiumContact 6, followed by Goodyear EfficentGrip Performance and Dunlop Sport BluResponse, says Rezulteo. cs