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Bitcoin grows to 11th place, EOS still in the lead

Bitcoin (BTC) ranks 11th out of 37 crypto-currencies in the latest ranking of the Chinese Center for Information Promotion (CCID), while EOS (EOS) remains in the lead. The ranking was published on July 31 by Forex Crunch in the West.

The CCID, a research institute reporting to the Chinese Ministry of Information Technology, publishes its cryptographic rankings each month, which is of particular importance, as suggested by its government affiliation to the way Beijing views the respective cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are considered in three main aspects: technology, application and innovation.

EOS is again in the lead with 153.1 points, followed closely by Ether (ETH), which is second with 148.6 points. Meanwhile, Tron (TRX) can win the bronze medal. The fourth and fifth places are NULS and GXchain.

On the other hand, Bitcoin only managed 103 points, which is only enough for the eleventh place, which nevertheless represents an increase of four places since March. In February, the current market leader was already able to grow from 15 to 13 years, then 15 to 15 in the following ranking.

In the meantime, EOS is the only record holder in the CCID rankings, even though the blockchain of the cryptographic community is regularly reprimanded for its lack of decentralization. However, this property could be all the more interesting for the Chinese government.

As noted above, 83% of US investors may invest in Bitcoin as cryptocurrency continues to be a legitimate investment product. The study that accompanies it indicates:

"Bitcoin is now widespread in society as savvy investors begin to realize that Bitcoin has unique properties that encourage them to rethink their classic diversification strategy."