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Club Odenwald throws footballers in the act |

The TSV Neustadt reacted to the attack launched by his players. The Odenwald club chased two of them who had beaten the enemy hospitalized players. At worst, even the football department is about to come out.

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The president of the TSV Neustadt club, Boris Pilger, speaks softly and looks very depressed. "Everyone is in shock here," he says in an interview with hr-sport. The fact that two players from his club Odenwald chased two opposing kickers four kilometers from Mömlingen after a friendly match this weekend and that they were hospitalized, is close to everyone in the club. .

After a red card during the previous friendly match, the situation worsened after the final whistle. Two TSV Neustadt football players chased the opposing kickers with an accomplice and inflicted heavy injuries on Mömlingen. One of Viktoria Mömlingen's players was operated on from a broken nose bone and will be missing for five to six weeks.

The Odenwald club rejects the footballers after defeating the attack

In the Bavarian town of Mömlingen, "of course, everyone is in shock," says Rainer Spall, a board member of Viktoria Sport. In Neustadt in Hesse, the consequences were quickly retained after the incident. "The membership of both club members was denied and a ban was imposed on them," Pilger said. The main alleged perpetrator of TSV should not be a stranger to violence in football. He has also been banned once by the Hessian Football Association.

TSV chief Pilger regrets the incidents. But he is also worried about the existence of his club, which has existed for 135 years. "The wave of outrage beats very loud here, our players are wondering if they want to continue playing for the club and our coach, who has been with us only for four weeks, has resigned from his functions with immediate effect, "said the President. In addition, the driver assigns a hefty penalty to the Hesse Football Association.

Existence of TSV Neustadt in danger

After a team meeting, we do not really know how it goes with the club. It's in the room at least one of the two men's Kreisoberliga teams and the de-registration of Kreisliga C. This will materialize, according to Pilger, in the next two weeks. Then it is clear "whether or not we can maintain Kreisliga football in our existing club since 1884".

Broadcast: hr television, hessenschau, 31.7.2019, 19.30 clock