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Craig Wright loses his case against Roger Ver

Defamation lawsuit in England

It's been a long time since Craig Wright announced that he would sue a number of more or less famous people. Among them, Vitalik Buterin, developer and founder of Ethereum, Peter McCormack and Roger Ver.

The occasion was statements that Wright considered insulting.
To bring his opponents into a situation supposedly worse, he chose
Britain as the place of her complaints. Because by the predominance there
Legislation, the defendant will be under greater pressure, at least
if it is a damage to the reputation (defamation English).

Today, the court decision has been published. He did not come to a process.


What reputation?

Before reaching an appropriate procedure, the court must strictly check whether England and Wales are the appropriate place for the trial. The place of jurisdiction can not simply be chosen to be good.
As a result, the judges concluded that their court could not be competent for a number of reasons. It must be clear that the plaintiff enjoys a reputation in the UK and that it has been damaged by the comments, especially in the UK.

The court did not take for granted.

So, the lawsuit against Roger Ver was broken, always
before Craig Wright could have enjoyed one or his big moment.

More lawsuits could fail

If it could be decided in the same way in other cases,
is always open. For example, Peter McCormack resides in
United Kingdom. But if his comments on Twitter have a different impact
to have the Wright's reputation in England and Wales, there is still more to test.

The same goes for Vitalik Buterin, who does not reside
once in the UK. Looks like Wright is over
May suffer defeats. Because the framework conditions of other lawsuits are
very similar.