Danny McBride remembers the bizarre moment when Kanye West asked him to play it in a movie

If Kanye West asks you, do not say no, as Danny McBride learned by starting a conversation about making a movie about the rapper's life.

Kanye does not ask you every day to play it on the big screen, right?

Danny spoke with Jimmy Kimmel Live, talking about moving to Charleston and meeting a special guest.

"One day, I received a call from nowhere and the voice sounded familiar to me, but I did not know who it was, I said," Hello? And he said, "Hey, is Danny here? "says," It's Kanye West. "

The actor added, "I thought it was a joke. He essentially said that he is one of my fans and that he wants to spend time."

Danny, 42, continued, "He had a project idea that, in my opinion, is a brilliant idea, he wanted to make a movie about his life story and he wanted me to play it."

After Kanye had a good Chinwag on the project, he played at Fortnite with Daniel's 7-year-old son. How do you do

It seems that Kanye has been interested in the world of cinema for some time after learning that he had tried the business world last year.

In fact, according to TMZ, he asked for the creation of a film production company called Half Beast LLC.

Previously, he switched to a brand in 2015 and 2016 to register the name so he could use it for entertainment services. Now, it seems to set up some kind of plan.

In the meantime, the 42-year-old also seems to be experimenting in the world of law after he – along with Donald Trump – has released his friend A $ AP Rocky from Stockholm prison.

Why should he stop playing music and movies?

$ AP allegedly lived in prison under "inhuman conditions", prompting many politicians, rappers and celebrities to protest his release.

Kanye apparently encouraged Kim to seek help from senior advisor Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law.

Kim, who is following a lawyer training, already has a relationship with Kushner, having previously worked on criminal justice reform.

"A big thank you to @realDonaldTrump, @SecPompeo, Jared Kushner and everyone involved with Free ASAP Rocky and his two friends," Kim K wrote on Twitter.

"Your commitment to judicial reform is greatly appreciated."